Black People : I swear this is the quickest way to get rich in America!

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    Need some money? Sue someone....ok....I was disturbed this morning when I caught a few minutes of Good Morning America b4 heading to work....

    How many of you were teased as a child?

    I know I was...not terribly...but make you have self-esteem issues as an adult....

    too skinny, black, fat, head to nappy, talk like a white person, yadda, yadda, yadda....but would this make me sue the school....NO!

    Here's a kid that's suing an upstate NY school because he's teased for being gay...on this issue I do agree with the school...being gay/hetero is a bedroom issue not a classroom issue

    ABC News/Good Morning America :Bullied Figure Skater's Parents Sue School

    Cold Shoulder
    Bullied Figure Skater's Parents Sue School Over Abuse at Hands of Peers

    N E W Y O R K, May 6 - While in pursuit of his Olympic skating dream, 12-year-old Aaron Vays has endured physical and verbal abuse from fellow students, simply because he's a boy who likes to skate.

    Bullies at two Rockland County, N.Y., schools taunted him daily, saying that skating is for girls, Aaron told ABCNEWS' Good Morning America.
    "They call me like ***, gay, because I'm a figure skater, and things like that," Aaron said.

    His parents, Boris and Polina Vays, say the cruelty didn't stop with words.

    Proud of his second-place finish in a competition, Aaron took his trophy to school to show his principal, but another student destroyed it. The abuse turned personal and physical last November. One bully beat and kicked Aaron while another student held him down, the boy said.

    "I got kicked in the rectum and it hurt so much, I had a bowel movement that time," Aaron said on Good Morning America. The boy suffered internal injuries in that incident, his parents said.

    The injuries made Aaron and his parents realize it was time to fight back, they said. They filed a police complaint against the North Rockland County School District, charging that school officials failed to protect their son.

    Two Sides

    The school district has a different story.

    "We have a code of conduct, and any situation that we disapprove of, we have set procedures and deal with," said Israel Bordanich, assistant superintendent of North Rockland County School District. "All the situations are minor, as opposed to what they would lead you to believe. In some cases, the student has initiated things."

    Aaron said he did hit other students, but only when they started abusing him. "What are you going to do someone who hits you?" he said. "You're going to hit them back."

    Aaron moved to another public school to try a fresh start, but he said the bullying continued.

    So last week, the Vays enrolled Aaron in private school, hoping for the best. Aaron said he is doing much better in private school, where other students respect him and even want to see him skate.

    Aaron began figure skating at age 5, after he and his family moved to the United States from Ukraine. His parents say they came to this country so their son could grow up in freedom. Now with private school tuition and skating fees, they are struggling to get by.

    After reading about Aaron's struggle in a newspaper article, Katarina Witt reached out to Aaron with support via e-mail. The famed figure skater, who won has two Olympic gold medals to her name, then joined Good Morning America live from a location in Germany in order to speak to the boy. Witt told Aaron he should be proud to be a part of the sport, no matter what other kids say now.

    "I just toured with Stars on Ice with some of the greatest athletes out there," Witt told Aaron. "What they do, it's incredible. It's a real sport, it's very athletic."
    what do you think? why is being gay even brought up after switching schools....would you not know to shut up? Straight people don't walk around with "Hey everyone I'm straight!" stickers on their head....I'm not anti-gay which most of you know...but I don't understand bring more attention to yourself...
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    NOW you understand, Story!

    That's what is driving many people in the media today!

    It's an OLD media trick: FIND someone who supports YOUR point of view. That way, when folk start asking questions, you can point to that person and say: "Well, THEY said there MUST be some truth in it!

    Viewership and listenership to the media is at an all time low! Thus, the daily struggle to come up with something to keep people watching and talking everyday.

    Even if the people have a hidden axe to grind.

    Folk DO have the right to be strange. But their USED to be some individual responsibility. WE ALL were called names when we grew up! But, we didn't sue everybody!

    Mike Ramey