Black Poetry : I Survived

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    I freely and openly gave her my heart
    Something I could give and it was my best part
    And giving it to her at that time seemed like a move that was smart
    And all I expected was that she care for it from the start
    Instead she pinned it to the wall and struck it with darts
    Left me in so much pain, it broke records and was off the chart
    I'm still picking up all the piece and placing them in my cart
    Trying to piece it together with this glue from Walmart
    I try to hold it together but it just falls apart
    Just as fast as it began it was even faster when she decided to depart
    Some say her moves were salty but I can surely say they were tart
    And me the fool kept trying to just restart
    The way she broke my heart she must have had a degree in Bachelors of Arts
    But that's the past and I leave it behind me like nasty fart.

    When my mind was made up I was a goner
    I knew for sure and did not have to ponder
    And it's cool cause I'm here while she's way down yonder
    I thought she was it for me but I could have not been more wronger
    In a way I thank her, cause of her I'm stronger
    It's been a while and I can wait for a better love a while longer
    Cause I'm more, more than a conquer
    I over her and my heart and mind does not wonder
    It wasn't me, it was her, it was my love she would squander
    No longer will I be a mourner
    For theres a better love for me right around the corner
    Some thought I would fall apart and go bonkers
    Go off the deep end, pick up the phone and call my sponsor
    But I'm good, my appetite is back, I got this hunger
    Keeping my eyes open for the next stunner
    Cause the last one was a decoy and turned out to be my biggest blunder
    Sometimes I wish I never asked her for her number
    So I scribe this with peace and love in her honor.
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    to get over someone you love deeply is hard but when you do its a party love this write right here,,,knowing that its a new day and a new joy coming....
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    the near north
    reminds me of my second biggest mistake, in life. so glad that's over. whew!

    flow your misery away.