Black Poetry : i suffered the dream


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
I suffered the dream

I suffered the dream to let “freedom ring”
To a backdrop of Bling…Bling
And the obscenities that foster such things
But freedom wasn’t mine to ring
Coz free isn’t a freedom trait
A fate skin-of-my-skin can relate
We don’t have to await the laughable
The hysterical
The inevitable
The (un)pleasurable events of years past
To know that’s not how freedom should be

I suffered the dream of a beautiful queen
But her beauty wasn’t long suffering
Nor was her love as deep as the ocean
As she had claimed
Thought I was lame, she did
Coz my focus was on a tomorrow she could not see
Thought I should be the man she wanted me to be
Not the man of RIGHT I strove to be
…nor the man I am
She was only a sham
Pretending to be my Queen
…A “play-pretty wannabe” thing
A shallow existence of the thoughtfulness I tried to see
Discovered love between us…just…wasn’t there
And, though, I deeply cared
This woman tried to defile my dreams
…To tarnish my aim of a better world
She wasn’t my girl
She was hers

I suffered the dream of equality among men
Not us to them…but them to us
Though, “in god we trust” swings heavily in their favor
When right is righteous…mind, body, and every limb is able
Before we drown in the insidiousness of blame
We desire change
From a society based on hatred and disgust
Where races distrust the “hellos” of everyone of us
Even though we claim we’re lovers (of our enemies)
The synergy of “all for one”
Has gotten lost in the pun of “I love you”
Let us be true
Let us live the lie we claim is true
Or proclaim the truth as the reality we hate
In the wake of continuing violence
Creating civil unrest through disobedient protest
Over murders society seemingly bless
I confess
I support the unrest
(in and out of my dream)

I suffered the dream
Where my environment doesn’t determine my worth
Where I can be me “first”
And don’t have to explain the hue of my skin
And whenever one looks into the depths of my soul
They just know
They Know.

I suffered the dream
Where my brothers and sisters
Are brothers and sisters
And not angry foes
Who diss me for my shoes, or clothes
Where we’re referred to as Queens and Kings
Instead of n*ggaz and hoes
I’m told
Into a white washed society
Isn’t the creation of love we desire it to be
I Suffered the Dream


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Dec 2, 2008
S Cali
Head Start Home Base Educator
If anyone is not with you in heart, they are not worthy of such love. I have crossed worlds in my lifetime. Seen injustice from both sides. It is ignorance and ignorance is not bliss, it's just stupid.
Enjoyed your words...ringing truth.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
A dream I bath in daily the madness of cross overs and fake reality, the measures of life is deem to be
so ignorant the foolish game played .....this speaks Volume


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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
though we dream the world the way we want it to be, it's those realities we have to rein in.

CindyC, $$RICH$$...THANKS for reading.

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