Chief Elder Osiris : I settle For Nothing Than Divine Freedom, Anything Less, Is Captive Oppression.

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    I settle For Nothing Than Divine Freedom, Anything Less, Is Captive Oppression.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, there is nothing that should be acceptable to the Black Mind than Divine Freedom, and to entertain anything less is a sign that the Black Mind is in a habit of reconciling with all things that are secondary to Freedom, being drunk in a mental stupor that have you to compromise for that which you are Naturally entitle to when Free, which is to be in Harmony, Order, and Balance, in your body life living.

    I am sharing this with you because we need not not to indicate nor appear to justify Slavery by assigning to such an Anti-natural act by giving such an act a meaning that appear to be acceptable to the Black World, because that is why we are considered to be a people who are in a state of mental illness.

    Beloved, what constitute being a slave to someone other than to yourself, which is only when such an act has merit.

    To be a slave of someone is more than a word meaning assigned to such an act, it is the act that give meaning to the word, so because in the mental transitioned stage of the Black Mind, when Black so call Afrikans claimed that it is perfectly alright to have another person to be your slave, because you will allow that person to work her/him self to be socially acceptable in a society, that beloved is a society that practice social stratification operating under a SOCIAL CLASS SYSTEM, and such a system is anti natural and serve to be an enemy to Divine Freedom, which is a Universal Right to all with a Body Life to live.

    There is no category of being somebody slave, that is justified under the Law of the Universe, and such a Law is Divine and respect is shown toward each body that consist of the Universe, and I do not respect any society, Black or White, Jew or Gentile, whatever that mean, that would attempt to justify ownership and control of another Being life of the same status of life as you are and make claim to, for your life.

    Slavery in any tongue is evil, so away with attempting to justify ownership and control of another Being life, a life that has the same potential for intelligence as anyone else does in life, if left the Hell alone and allow that life to live Divinely Free in accordance to its own potential ability.

    Any so call civilized Ethnic Group who participate in the Enslaving another Group, whether it is a group that is of a phenotype difference or not, does not have a Divine right to impose the status of a Slave upon another Life.

    Tell me, who in hell made you the God of all things to the level, groups of a difference going around imposing an evil will upon another group of a different Race or Class, generated by an evil vain egoistic society, a society claiming to be civilized, again, whatever that mean.

    When the Mind has been stunted to prevent from Thinking, there is no more of an evil act that can be caused upon another Life of a similar stature, claiming to be of high intelligence, yet is all full of self, to the level of believing it is natural to have class differences with life interaction, as if the Divine Essence did not have the level of Divine Intelligence to cause all things to be Divinely produced by such Divine intelligence, that will cause life to be equipped with the ability to live Divinely Free, with a desire to do so in life.

    Life selling life is the act of the devil, Satan, Lucifer mind of self superiority over other life that is not of the same phenotype and with a Hue of the same appearance and now has been reduced to the practice of Black people toward Black people, no way such a selfish act can be looked upon as being Divine, only profanely evil.

    So, when you see Black people participating in such action against the Divine Essence Intelligent Design, selling each design of others, one to the other, different or not, to the highest bidder to those whom you have been made to believe has a closer relationship to a God you have been made to believe in, and has caused your Black behind to become ignorant of yourself.

    Slavery in all defining meaning, is of the Devil, Lucifer spirit in others, those who adopt such a spirit to be displayed against others of life Body Living, therefore I must declare, with a Divine Mind, that which I choose to guide my life with, along the Divine course of my body living, I settle For Nothing Than Divine Freedom, Anything Less, Is Captive Oppression.

    So tell me beloved, when will the Black Life develop a hunger and thirst for Divine Freedom, a Freedom that does not recognise compromise for such a Freedom status for your life, or attempt to justify something less than Divine Freedom for your life.

    To be a slave is to verify that your life is being controlled by other than yourself, and there is no secondary freedom that can satisfy a Divine Mind That is in pursuit of Freedom Proper, for your life, and that quality of Freedom is Divine, which is beyond compromise, that is if your life is for the satisfaction to experience Divine Freedom, a Freedom our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors did live upon this planet Earth, needing no need to attempt to justify an act of being a Slave.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self,Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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