Black Poetry : I See


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May 21, 2001
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I see

I see long lines of sunrays peeking through thick cumulus clouds.
I see New colors added to the rainbow, some erodesenct Purple
Some florescent orange loud.
I see the flowers in the spring when they begin to bloom
I see the pollen in the wind, and watch the bees consume.
I see the beauty and love in the eyes of my Queen.
I see the life that breathes purity, and what true love means.
I see my past not pleasant, but I don’t dwell.
I see my face smiling at what He brought me through, when I lean over the wishing well.
I see all his riches and glory, that are here for all eyes to see.
I see the results of all his blessings that have been bestowed upon me.
I see the tin cans, and broken bottles that frame the sidewalks.
I see the pain in the eyes of youth, when they begin to talk.
I see joy of life,of those that choose to be free.
I see the God in your life, like I see God in me.
I see my future, and the weather is fair.
I see my surroundings filled with love ones who care.
I see my life from above, as I read under Heaven’s great tree.
Blinded by the sun beneath me, but Yet, I see..

Copyright © 2001 T.L. Stevens


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