Black Poetry : I Saw "YOU" in the Stars (for Blakverb)


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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Globular clusters
gravitational pull
that moved me
into concentrations
bound by
an illumination
well beyond the limits
of the ordinary sky

Shadows that speak
directly to the Milky Way
said you're temporarily
leaving me, going to
leave here today...

The galaxy held you
near to her breast
and gave you life
even as you said
it was time and that
you needed a short
By contrast you have
through many cycles
'a man' of star-birth
and supernovae
made well to enrich your
heavenly element
You've become my
in star forming clouds
within my perview
...Never let anyone
trigger your collapse --
stay true...
and I know that someday
our highly eccentric
orbits will
take us far outside
of the earth's
gray induced gloom
to color the stars
with immaculate
bright lights
of our intimate
glow of unity
so that others
may observe
our happiness
with envy
...But for right now I
that you must adjust
your velocity and I
continue to appreciate
you as you
the SoulurN2

orbits becoming concentric
round and round we go

i've been spinning for too
long / stardust being left
on the shelves of my mind
needing the time to reinvent
tiME / to dust off /
still trying to find a name
for my galaxy of one
star / spinning
out of control controlled
by a velocity that at times
had me thinking
"am I spinning in the wrong city?"
I pray that the centrifugal force will
pull in everything that
protects me near to me /
and fuse the PEACE that
I need to find the constellation
of Sagittarius / proof of my
birth /
i've been spinning for too long
out of control /
atoms colliding within me leaving
motion sick before fusion of
my nightmares to my reality
and all I'll see / are
rain drops putting out the heat
of my supernova leaving
me suspended as
elements with no meaning

atomic number zero
atomic mass zero
atomic weight zero

a star hung by it's own
so I'm spinning until I find
a blak hole to suck me in
and leave me to think the dark.

your ode is tattoed in mySOUL and indelible "poetryprint" of your's.
thank you.



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