Black Poetry : I Remember....

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    I remember when I was a kid
    I remember as a family all the things we did
    I remember the arguments between my father and mother
    I remember the cries from my sister and brothers
    I remember when I turned 7 my dad walked out
    I remember wondering what it was all about
    ………….. I remember…
    I remember my father came a few time on his court appointed visits
    And sadly I remember that that was it
    I remember the calls when he said he coming to get me
    I remember waiting all day and it was he I would never see
    I remember time and time again he would break his word
    I remember when he would just pop up and his speech was slurred
    …………… I remember…
    I remember the heartache and felling of be left alone
    I still have these feeling even though I’m grown
    I remember receiving awards in school and no one was there
    I remember feeling that no one cared
    I remember almost forgetting that I had a father
    I remember clinging to any man would even bother
    ……………. I remember…
    But I forgive and I learned to let go
    It has to be a dam good excuse for me not to show
    I had to find a way to reach my father on his level
    I put it in God hands, leaving no power for the devil
    I want my children to remember the good times that we have
    The times when we spent the whole day and all we did is laugh
    I want them to remember the lesson to help them be better people
    And to break the barriers that says their color makes them unequal
    I want them to remember that I’m a father that cares
    I want them to know I’m a father that is here.
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