Black Poetry : I Remember When..Old School Vibe - From the Lighthouse Files

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Red Kool-Aid
    While watching
    Sesame Street
    And the Electric Company
    C’mon and Zoom Zoom Zooma Zoom
    Running outside
    To play basketball in the alley
    Using a bike rim or milk crate for a hoop
    Busting open the fire hydrant
    Trying to stay cool
    Listening to Peaches and Herb’s “Reunited” playing
    On the radio
    While getting ready to
    Go school shopping
    Gonna do that lay-a-way thang in June
    Get them out at the end of August
    Can’t wait to tell the kids
    About my new clothes
    Running around in the streets
    At a time when bullets didn’t rule
    We was just young
    Having fun
    Busting a move on Pac-Man
    Before there was a Ms. Pac-Man
    Long way from the pong video game system
    Sitting out on the porch
    Watching the girls jump rope
    While we laughed
    At how they jiggled
    When they did their pop-ups
    Newly developing bodies
    Affecting our own
    We were growing up
    Yet we still were kids
    Being kids
    Looking like kids
    Acting like kids
    Doing what kids do
    Respecting our elders
    Because back then the village raise the child
    Got 3 whoopings before I even got home
    And then got one from momma
    Cause everybody else had to whoop me
    And I still had to wait till daddy got home
    But it was love that they showed me
    Times have changed
    And morals and values
    Are rearranged
    Yet I treasure my time growing up
    For it made me who I am today……
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    BUSINESS owner
    backdoor fun
    late at night
    playin hiden'seek
    u it dat's right
    havin fun on da school ground
    monkeybars no more around
    little mirror on da shoe
    look under skirts dat's what we do
    rollin' tires down da street playin
    to a kiddy beat listen to bruh hays
    u **** right))) alley ball many scraps & fall
    foul u make da call before gangz rule
    just cool ole fun
    here come the fire department to turn it off
    still splashing before it go down the drain
    in sync we sing on the corner
    playin atari before it was a station or PS2
    good ole fun we run and run and run
    winter football in da snow
    playin with girl to take them down
    they never knew how the handz roam around
    fun fun fun
    barthday party here and their
    blockclub party's hit cross da city
    for the back to school
    i was running track years ago
    all these trophys remind me so
    it was fun back in da day what ever happen til dis day
    BISHOP man u took me way back bruh!
    big fist picks in our heads
    raising power to the peoples what we said
    afro hair due wingtip shirts plade suites
    i remember well moma calling us in
    for some of her home cooking din din !!
    i remember dem dayz
    listen to steve & the temps
    my girl with the pips to was smooth full of fun
    but today our children on da death run
    no fun at all
    i rememberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!