Chief Elder Osiris : I Refuse to Use Comment As The Liars And Deceivers Do.

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    I Refuse To Use Comment As The Liars Do, Concerning Obama Action Against An Afrika State.

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More where This Come from.
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    Keep sharing The Divine Truth and Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear you.

    When one has been reintroduced to the Divine truth and is of the Divine Beings that came to this Solar system to this Planet call Earth, there is no allowance for error when speaking that which is being revealed to you, by a more precise Divine force of intelligence, and the information being revealed for you to share, is not everyday programmed, not sanitized, but profane information, the type of information that Black people been conditioned to accept as truth without question.

    The Time is now come to reveal the true converted nature of Black leadership, I must concentrate on black leadership because the Masses of black people are innocent as we follow those we have placed our trust in.

    so no, the masses of black people do not make decision for ourselves about the things that take place all around us, because Black people expect Black leaders to guide them truthfully, and we believe that black leaders do look after our well being and safety.

    What a grand error Black people make in following black leaders blindly in this evil lying and deceiving world.

    Black people not knowing, just believing that black leadership is in action in our behalf, while all of the time black leaders are no more than agents of the devil, Satan, Lucifer the human Being.

    It is down right criminal for so call Black Leadership to not inform the Masses of Black people about the Divine Truth about what is happening in the world today, and that it took a so call Black president to order Bombs to be dropped without provocation, on the Land of our Ancient Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors, that Land being Afrika.

    The devil always, when referring to Qaddafi and the state of Libya, lead you to believe that the talk and action is against an Arab middle East state in Asia, when in fact Libya is Afrika.

    So, All of you Black so call Afrikans, you who bow to the action ordered by Obama against an Afrika state that is on the Continent of Afrka, you now serve as proof evidence about what I have earlier on, have shared with you about Black Leadership causing Black Afrikan people not having a Divine spiritual connection to Afrika, as you proudly shout and support the decision Obama been ordered to make, and has carried out against the land of the Gods, Afrika.

    These so call Black leaders are no more than criminals in support of this invasion, and only a foolish Afrikan will be in support of what is taking place today against Afrika Libya, and Invasions did take place in the past as well, to cause all of the northern part of the continent of Afrika to be occupied by Arab invaders.

    Now here you black people are, you who have been made to be converters to Arab Religion, you now feel more akin to the invaders of Afrika than you do to your kit and kin in Afrika, some of you Black Afrikans have been made to become so ignorant to the point that you willingly deny who you Naturally are, in order to confess to be who you are not, as you have been made to be intoxicate with the Arab/Christain Religion to the point your Black behind now refer to your Black selves as Arabs and bow to the pope, instead of revealing a Divine Spirit that come with Black Afrika Afrikan Beings.

    Afrika is under attack by its colonalist, those European state that colonized Afrika, and to this day, that White Luciferian Devil, Satan in action, still make claim to be the authority over those Afrikan Afrika states that they colonized, just as America act toward Black Afrikans in America by way of the middle Passage, to be the Guardian of Black People in America, refusing to pay our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, as a way of keeping us Children of our Enslaved ancestors in captivity and to be submissive to the culture of America.

    President Obama speech today, was no more than an act that showed disrespect to the Children of Our Enslaved ancestors First, and to the Black Afrika Afrikan world in general, showing the fact that he has no sentiment nor loyalty to the people nor to the Land of Afrika, so he mislead you into believing it is Libya he is attacking, a middle eastern country, when in fact it is the Mother Land and a state that is established upon that sacred Land, Afrika.

    No other people would sit around on their behind, if their Land were being attacked, debating the pro and con concerning the action being taken against the Mother Continent, Afrika, they would take action to show dissatisfaction of such a blatant act of disrespect being shown toward them as they sat in the belly of the very country giving orders to attack mother Afrika, the Land of Black Folks.

    Beloved, if ever you need to see a Race of people absent of leadership, no knowledge of self and relish being disrespected and taken for granted, as they sit on a sorry do nothing behind, cheering on the Devil in disguise, as he give orders to attack Afrika, and imply the approval of assassinating a head of state in Afrika, as they have done before, because you see, France and the United kingdom, and all other participating in the attack against Afrika, they have not made a promise not to kill Qaddafi, and you see, if America has the opportunity so will America.

    You see, the evil of Omission, which America claim to take, regarding Qaddafi life, is more evil than the Evil of commission.

    Yet the Leadership of Black people serve as agents of Lucifer and is just as guilty as the Devil in disguise giving orders to invade to attack Afrka.

    Never have I seen a people been made to be so docile when it come to showing proud and respect of self, and of the land of their mother and father.

    Be kind to Your self, Beloved

    Chief elder Osiris
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