Food Discussion : I refuse to cook without my _______!


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Jan 15, 2008
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I Love To Cook

No kitchen is complete without fresh everything. When I cook I have do it frm scratch. I make all my own sauces for various meals. If in a push I will used canned items but hate doing it. I even make my own pasta(well sometimes,if it turns out right). One more thing no kitchen is complete without a set or 2 of Wolf Gang Puck knives and 2 sets of Circulon Cookware.

Jan 22, 2001
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You are welcome to come to dinner ANYTIME!!!!

Folks have lost all their manners these days. Showing up at your house, unannounced, with their arms open and hands empty. Where is the home training? Eat all your food, drink all your liquor and look to take something home. And never invite you to their spot to break bread.

I love to cook and entertain, but I don't do it nearly as much as I used to. I still cook for myself though.

awwwww ... thank you for the invitation Sister ... what time should i arrive?! :D

I know people like you, that cook good food and everyone wants to eat it! :)

There's only one person's home though, that every time i go there ... i go straight to the stove, see what's in the pots ... and if nothing is there, i go in the fridge and check the leftover containers out ... :lol: ... aint nuth'n like some of my Mother in Law's left over greens! ... don't let me find a piece of cornbread too ... whew Lawd! :)

Even though i've been divorced from her Son for a hundred years, this one thing has never changed!

I couldn't imagine folk coming to my house to eat! lol ... oh my gosh ... that never happens! :)

Now that my children are all grown, i don't even hardly buy groceries. I remember when i was raising my children, i hated buying groceries. I pretty much hated all shopping. Being poor just took the joy out of it i think ... oops ... i think i'm rambling ... :D

Nawww ... i couldn't imagine folk just coming to my house to eat. Even my children don't come home to do that ... :lol: ... oh gosh ... this may be why i don't have a husband ... wait ... ssshhhhhh ... let me stop talking now, before i tell too much! :D

Matter of fact, people bring me food. They know i don't cook or buy groceries and stuff, so they check on me, making sure i've eaten. They've done it so much that i had to tell them, i absolutely love your cooking, your love, kindness, everything ... but please, don't feed the animals ... :lol: ... oh gosh ... i was getting fatter and fatter! :)

Again ... thanks for the invitation Sister ... :love:



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