Black Entertainment : I really did not like black panther movie

Ha ha, lol, U R 2 funny NNQ. Are there any existing videos of Richard Pryor that doesn't contain adult (X-RATED) language?

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:lol: Right!

I loved me some Richard Pryor...that man could tell a story that would leave you crying in laughter. His set..."That N*****s Crazy" is a classic, in my opinion. Remember when cars had 8-track sound systems...or was it cassette tapes? :confused: Anyway, I had that set on tape--can't remember which--and the first time I listened to it, I literally had to pull over and stop I was laughing so hard. LOL Back then, every Black person I knew would quote some part of that set. lol Dave Chappell's skit he did about Charlie Murphy and Rick James was the only other one that made me laugh as hard.
Pryor was cutting edge before the term cutting edge was coined. He was made from the stuff that made Jackie Moms Mabley, Red Fox and Rudy Ray Moore successful. Just plain raw straight up gritty street humor. Their humor made our day because it was real. It's what we knew because they verbalized what we experienced. I cut my teeth with a Dodge Charger 426 Hemi with a 4.11 posi trak rear end on 8 tracks with Jackie and Rudy and Richard rolled out on a Chevy Chevelle Supersport 454 with a 5.13 rear end on cassettes after removing the 8 track player. Those were the dayz. Then we graduated from HS and had to get jobs and meet the world of responsibility.
Man, just listening to both of those cars when they were idling would make a girls heart race. Standing near them you could feel the ground vibrating. You could hear them a block away. And some people think the movie franchise, "The Fast and the Furious" invented street racing...not by a long shot. LOL
NNQ your determination for answers is not your thirst for knowledge, I have finally come to the stark realization that you already posses the knowledge I wish I could only acquire in what time GOD allows me. You seek the opinions of others, a wise person seeks to know what others think, their dreams, their desires, what motivates them, what they fear and more so, why. Just how far a person pushed into the corner of despair will go before resorting to the fight or flight mindset. Is the last 400 years just the first step to our demise as a race? Did GOD choose us to be sacrificed for the sinners souls to be forgiven as he so sacrificed his only begotten son Jesus Christ? Has our destiny been preordained or are we just self destructing because we can't or worst, won't take the pressure and fight back? Is the path of least resistance made that way by blessing or curse since the second time that sled ride won't be so easy since we haven't attained the skills to beat the odds by overcoming adversity by wending our way down the mountain skillfully. Your question is the stuff books are made of. I remember reading George Orwell's book "Animal Farm" then I saw the animated cartoon then the movie. I always like to read the book version of any movie to seek the continuity of the story the movie can't depict in the 1.5 to 2 hours the movie must shoehorn it's theme in. I once mistakenly attached "Animal Farm" to the typical old tired Jewish Holocaust mass genocide song but it was about Stalin's purges. Actually Red Ryder's "Lunatic Fringe" was the Jewish Holocaust lament. Live and learn.



Lunatic Fringe:

Well that's my rather simplistic take on our issue, well at least this is how I feel right about now.

BTW: You ever consider starting a blog here to school us Destians? We have a lot to learn and you have a lot of knowledge to impart.

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Have a happy weekend.

Ah, Bro. SOA, I am truly humbled by your thoughts of me. Thank you. I have this insatiable need to learn and try to understand. When I was younger, I read a lot of books. As I get older, I talk more to people. I find that people, no matter whether they have letters behind their names, or fancy titles, can teach you so much valuable information about life and more importantly, themselves. As a kid, my mother would see me staring at people and tell me to stop and I would look away thinking as though that was a rude thing to do. But I was fascinated by people, still am. What I was actually doing was trying to learn about them without actually talking to them, trying to interpret their moods or to figure out their life story. I've always been curious about what people know, how they know it, and what they think about what they know. I love to process information and am not afraid to change the way I think when new information arrives or that I'm more open at a given moment in time to actively listen and understand of it. That's one of the main reasons I come here, to learn more. I want to see how different or similar we are. I have my favorite storytellers here. Some, like you, post every day and some, every now and then. Some write paragraphs and some, one liners, but what I find is, without fail, whenever my favorites post, there are "gems" in every message. All of us are contributing to a repository of information that is priceless, in my opinion. I can't say enough, how grateful I am to be a part of this family.


"Car Wash", I loved the movie and the soundtrack. The remake, "The Wash" was a good effort, but not as good as the original, in my opinion, except when my boy at that toxic burrito from the food truck. :running::danger::flamethrower::explode::gas:

Bro. SOA, you are truly demonstrating how Black people in America are going backwards in the entertainment/story telling industry. The number of movies that were produced about us and with us starring in them...what the heck happened? And did you see the young Laurence Fishburne in "Cornbread, Earl and Me"? I was really sad when he and Gina Torres split. I never knew he had started his acting career so young. You are adding movies here that I have never heard of and some that I have, show that our struggle continues. There's a lot that can said about wishing that we could bring back the old days. And this is why "Black Panther" the movie was the largest grossing movie of all time?


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