Black Entertainment : I really did not like black panther movie


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Jan 14, 2005
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[QUOTE="Symbol of America, post: 1000576, member: 58137" Orisons your two original queries were already answered. However I'll reiterate.

1. Even if I had the freedom to add any movie to NNQ's pictorial list I wouldn't do it out of respect for her post. She obviously posted her comment from a site that list movies generally considered Blaxploitation movies and "American Gangster" which according to you should be aptly titled "United States Gangster" is not on that pictorial list. As I earlier stated if you wish to add anything to the existing list feel free to contact her or add any movies you feel should be included. I didn't start this thread and I don't profess to have any power or authority to add or delete the existing content no matter who post on it.

2. Actually I wanted my membership name to be "We The People" however as I earlier stated to you, my guardian who I love, admire and respect dearly picked my present name "Symbol Of America". Not "Symbol Of The United States". I don't have a vested interest in any place except the only America that I know and care about is comprised of the officially recognized 50 states, not Canada, Mexico, Central or South America.


Don’t you think we KNOW by now that PALEFACES like YOU interjecting in our discussions/debates, even starting this thread because you don’t like Marvel’s Black Panther movie, are about as strategically useful to US as the Trojan horse was to Troy?

Aren’t we going to have to update “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” to “Beware of ALL PALEFACES bearing gifts” to accurately reflect the reality of the 21st century?

Would ALL of YOU all do me the favour of searching on YouTube for Deric Muhammad on Black Panther a video in which this NOI spokesman pours a massive amount of praise on Marvel Disney’s Black Panther movie and subsequently PROVE to yourselves how strong the CENSORSHIP really is in the USA and the rest of the West as highlighted by the manner in which you will not be able to paste this video into ANY Facebook post?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?


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Feb 9, 2001
Man, Jim Brown and Fred Williamson could play some football back in the day, couldn't they? Although, it's been reported that JB had some habits off the playing field with women that were pretty crazy...he had a thing for balconies that sent women to ER. :injured:


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Feb 9, 2001
Ahhh...Phillip Michael "The Baby Maker" Thomas. Seeing his picture brought back memories of his role in 'Miami Vice'. Even as an older man, he is still easy on the eyes.



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Feb 9, 2001
True confession: Sidney Poitier, one of the best actors ever, in my opinion. I was a young, impressionable teenager on my first date when we went to the movies to see "To Sir With Love." Holding hands, sitting close in a dark theatre. That will forever be my favorite movie. :love:


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Feb 9, 2001
Jim Brown attended school in Manhasset which always was and still is a wealthy snobbish affluent Jewish community that thumbs their noses down to the rest of Long Island and word was he was one of the very few students that were eligible for the free lunch program. He didn't eat the lunches but word spread that he was eligible and that was enough for the racially (in)tolerant Jewish students to deride him until he started jacking Jewish students up big time. He was never disciplined because he was a multiple athletic letter man who pretty much put the school district on the map. Some say it was probably his first interracial sexual experience too. He didn't chase the Sarah's, they chased him "IN NUMBERS". Enough factual gossip.

Jim Browns lethal scowl was legendary but it was just that, a scowl, because he was always thinking ahead which was a precursor to his unbelievable speed, purposeful drive, legendary stamina and willingness to mix it up and let come what may. That cost his opponents much consternation by believing that he was always in a blind rage subject to making tactical mistakes on and off the field. Like Ali, Jim was the consummate tactician. Many of his close friends freely admitted that at times of adversity which celebrity status brings at the worst times Jim would just give their adversaries that lethal scowl and the fight would just drain out of even armed men who obviously realized that if they shot him or even at him and missed he would be on them in a flash and they would suffer a slow, miserable and protracted savage beating that would inevitably lead to their demise. Sports analyst clearly agree that there were 3 men who's lethal stares would literally strike fear in the best of men. Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Jim Brown and not necessarily in that order.

Introducing Mr. James Nathaniel Brown.

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That view.....WOW!!!!

After this, I felt like I wanted to stand up and salute the man! Awesome and yes, that view is amazing!

ALERT! The following video has adult language included.

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