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White Panther

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Mar 12, 2018
I apologize for posting something so forward like this, and also for starting a new thread around it. There's an article quoted in the other thread that's more in line with how I feel about this, but I think I am a little more direct and harsher in what I wrote. article i-have-a-problem-with-black-panther/

Obviously I wrote this angrily right after seeing the movie the other day, but I wanted someone to see it. Art reflects culture as culture reflects art. "Art imitating life", etc., and I think this movie ultimately has too many of the wrong messages, hiding among the special effects. Keep in mind I'm coming from a different background in writing this:

This "Black Panther" movie is such an evil piece of hollywood trash and I just felt I had to say something.

I thought it would be lousy, I thought it would be "blacksploitation" with hollywood's usual confused pretend "moral of the story", but it was much worse.

Half an hour in, I'm thinking, gee, maybe it's not so bad. A mostly black cast that speak excellent English and are associated with education and learning. Sounds good. I don't like the fantasy kingdom, but maybe this will break through some black stereotypes and have an overall positive effect.

And there's the usual silly hollywood fight scenes, the ridiculous magical superhero technology with some mention of some science to make the technology seem less ridiculous.

But then there's the actual conflict of the story.

So the upstart character wins the kingship fair and square and is angry that these rich, privileged people have hidden away while everyone else suffered. And he wants to help the world. And even early in the movie the protagonists' girlfriend suggests that they should be doing more to help the world and that she feels bad hiding away in her privileged easy life and that she must go out and help the people.

But then, typical hollywood lies: the upstart character doesn't make any sense. He wants to help the world, but he's worked as a soldier killing people in poor countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.. He has tattoos from all the people he's killed. If he wants to help the world, why did he join the United States military that clearly oppresses the poor in other countries. And reference is made to this: he says he's killed his own people all over the world in order to get the chance to fight to be king of the fantasy country. But why is that necessary? Why couldn't he just train on his own and then go to fight for the kingship? Why did he have to kill people for the United States military first?

And his father is killed, but when they read the upstart's dossier, it says that he went to MIT. So he got a great education at a famous school? Who paid for that? Why is he angry? Why did he join the military? People who can go to fancy colleges don't have to join the military and kill people overseas so that they can get food for their families at home.

And then after he wins the kingship, he chokes the old lady and burns the sacred plants. Why? That's not in character. He says he wants to help the world, he mentions that the United States and other countries sell weapons to the poor and topple their governments all over the world. Supposedly from an early age, he respected the fantasy culture of his father: why would he disrespect their traditions by burning their sacred plants?

This is typical hollywood confusion. The upstart character is right: if there was some fantasy country with spaceships and vast wealth, and they were allowing people all over the world to die, that would be wrong. Several other people acknowledge this. The military leader agrees with him and wants to fight back. He says, very sensibly in council that the world is getting smaller and it's catching up in technology and their fantasy country might soon be oppressed if they don't take control and right things.

But hollywood mixes in gratuitous violence with the upstart character. He wins fair and square, supposedly wants to help the world, but they have him throw the old king off the cliff instead of sparing his life. It makes no sense. His character makes no sense.

And then the movie gets worse from there.

The upstart king wants to arm the poor people of the world to fight back against their oppressors. This makes all the sense in the world. The rich have destroyed the planet, poisoned the earth and the people, caused global warming, etc., etc.. And as mentioned in the movie, the rich and the governments of the rich sell weapons all over the world.

But so when the upstart king wants to give weapons out, not sell them, that's not okay? Why? The female guard gives an impassioned speech about protecting the throne, and then she fights against it?

Again, the upstart king does something out of character. He fights one on one for the throne, but when the old king comes back, he won't fight him one on one again but instead sends his army to do it?

It's like the upstart king suddenly becomes like every silly hollywood villian, sending his minions to do the dirty work, choking old ladies, destroying traditions, burning plants. What happened to him wanting to help the people of the world and his anger at the wealthy fantasy country ignoring the plight of others?

The basic flaw in hollywood's representation of his character is that his whole motivation is supposedly responsibility for others, responsibility for the poor all over the world, but he shows no responsibility in any other way.

The other thing here, the white man, reminiscent of a South African, "Klaue", he's long gone.

The real "black panthers" were about fighting oppression. Before he was killed, Malcolm X said that it wasn't about black and white, it was about rich and poor. But whatever the real history and real suffering that this movie uses as a backdrop to sell tickets, "Klaue" is like a joke. He never has a real chance, he's just jealous of the rich fantasy land and he's immediately eliminated.

In other words, the movie is saying, the white man isn't your enemy, another black man is. The movie is saying that righteousness is your enemy. The movie is saying that responsibility is your enemy.

The biggest joke of all, the one "sympathetic" white character in the movie, is an actor who plays sort of funny-face buddy sort of comedy relief roles. And he's a CIA agent. And he explains that the upstart king was trained by the CIA to overthrow governments.

There's no mention of how evil that is. There's no mention of all the countries the CIA has destroyed for the benefit of American corporations. There's no mention of the suffering that the CIA and the rich have caused to people all over the world: black, hispanic, asian, etc..

No, instead, it's casually dumped on this one upstart black man, as if he's some kind of voodoo doll to be sacrificed and take away the CIA's sins.

In the end of the movie, the CIA agent gets to fly the plane that destroys the weapon shipments to the poor. Is this a joke?

America sells weapons to people all over the world. The arms trade is billions of dollars. And the CIA supports it. And now the CIA agent is helping to stop the black fantasy country from, not selling weapons for money, but giving them to the poor to fight back against the wealthy?

The CIA agent is flying the plane? Is this a joke? So the CIA and America and the wealthy can sell weapons all over the world and cause wars, but when the black fantasy country does this for free to fight back, it's bad, and the king is bad?

Is this not a totally ridiculous plot? Could there be more hypocrisy in one movie? The message here is keep quiet and pretend you're in the rich fantasy land and if you fight back you're bad and evil.

And then the upstart king is turned into a total joke. He was willing to fight fairly to win the kingship, but now to defend it, somehow his character changes and he won't fight fairly. And then when he's dying, the old king says that he could save him, and he says no, he'd rather die than live as a slave, just like his ancestors who jumped off slave boats and drowned.

Is this not the most offensive thing possible to black people? Why are black people not in the streets protesting this movie? I guess it's too subtle of a trick for most people to see, too subtle of a lie, too subtle of a manipulation.

The old king offers to save the upstart king's life, and the upstart king would live in this rich fantasy land; he's committed no real crime. He took the kingship fair and square according to their traditions, and his father was wronged.

But hollywood compares the upstart king's fantasy life in this rich fantasy land to that of slaves being brought over from Africa. Hollywood mocks slavery and mocks black rights with this movie. Hollywood says, look how stupid the guy who fought back looks. Look at him. He's a clown. He fought back, and we killed him and all he gets to see is a sunrise. And oh, we would save him, we would let him live, but he stupidly chooses to die over that silly slavery thing centuries ago.

He could have lived in our happy fantasy land with all the other rich people, but no, no, he must have wanted to die. How silly and stupid of him.

This is what hollywood is saying to every black person and every white person who sees this movie.

And even the fight among the factions of the fantasy land is silly. It's ridiculous and over the top, as if it's mocking black strength. The guy blows on a horn and giant rhinos come out?

And then, in the end, the girl won't yield and the guy yields to her. Why? She's supposed to be a guard for the king. She's already betrayed the king, and then she betrays her boyfriend?

And then the tribal chief from the north, who points out that the kings never come to visit and he's not willing to fight, he somehow comes back and fights not really knowing or caring about the issues.

All this in-fighting is making fun of black tribes that fought in the very harsh environments of Africa for their pride and their lives.

It's saying that America can sell weapons all over the world, the CIA can fly the planes, and the blacks that defend the interests of the rich can use violence. But the righteous blacks who want to stand up for themselves against the rich, are just fighting among themselves. And don't they look silly.

And oh, they're whipped by the girlfriend.

And then how does the movie end. Does the old king say okay, well the upstart king was a little out of control, but he was right, and some of our council was right and we need to fix the world's problems before things get any worse and we no longer have the power too.


The old king kisses his girlfriend finally and says "don't blame me, I almost died." So avoiding any real responsibility as the rich do. And she kisses him back. Don't be a real man, avoid responsibility, and you can get the girl and be the king of the wealthy fantasy country.

What does the movie end with? He buys a couple of condemned buildings and starts some kind of "outreach" center. Slavery doesn't matter, the rich destroying the world, destroying the environment, enslaving the poor with wage-slavery and lies like this movie, selling weapons everywhere... none of that matters. No, because the old king buys a couple buildings to "educate" the poor black kids.

And then there's the lie of technology. Somehow, if these black kids are "educated" and can use technology, they won't be poor? How does that work? All it does is sell more cell phones. I think everyone has a cell phone now, all over the world. It hasn't changed anything, if anything cell phone manufacture has harmed the environment more and made the rich richer.

And nevermind that as is, college educated people work at pizza hut and mcdonalds because there aren't enough jobs. Nevermind that, because of technology and automation, there will be fewer and fewer jobs, and governments should be taking that into account and providing for their people instead of letting the rich grow endlessly fat on wealth they didn't earn.

Nevermind all that, the fabuluously wealthy rap-star like king can buy a couple buildings and give kids some cell phones and hollywood pretends that that has anything to do with the CIA selling weapons to African countries, to oppress Yemen, etc., all over the world. We'll pretend that that has anything to do with Goldman and Sachs giving billions to Venezuela to keep paying their cops and oppressing their people. No, the CIA is the funny ha-ha white guy, flying the little video game plane. Kind of like the drones the military uses to kill people in Yemen or sells to other countries for that purpose.

And the final scene, has the wealthy rap-star like king bringing down his spaceship, like it's a car he bought by selling drugs because it was the only real way up, or a car he was given by a record company for lying to all the other poor black people.

This is what hollywood has to offer in place of the real "black panthers".

There are a lot of complicated issues here. This movie is a very complicated lie. But it is a lie and even if it's not intentional, no good person could be involved with this movie.

The "black panther" movie is meant to ******** the poor and black people with a silly fantasy. It's meant to get them to avoid responsibility like the rich do. This movie tells them that they too can be rich as long as they don't care about others and let the poor suffer and take responsibility for nothing. And of course they can do some little nothing for the sake of appearances if they want. Buy a few buildings and teach people nonsense and tell them they have a "future" and "opportunities" and a lot of other lies, like this movie and it's fantasy spaceships and fantastic city in Africa.

Just to end here, this is Africa: article Where-computer-goes-die-Shocking-pictures-toxic-electronic-graveyards-Africa-West-dumps-old-PCs-laptops-microwaves-fridges-phones

That's your high technology Africa. That's the real story. Dumping waste in Africa.

Or that politician who said publicly that it just makes sense to dump toxic waste in Africa. That's what's happening.

Not rich black fantasy kings who refrain from violence and work hand in hand with the CIA and buy a couple buildings somewhere to give a few kids cell phones to teach them about "technology". Meanwhile, the righteous man who tries to fight back, for some reason was confused and also worked for the military, and then later he chokes the old lady and burns the traditions of his father who he supposedly was avenging? What? And then we would let him live, but he chose to die? Mock him. Mock the righteous man. Mock the man who fights back against the rich. Mock the man who wants to stand up for what's right. Mock the man who wants to change the world. Mock Jesus when he says "I come to bring a sword" and overthrows the bankers' money tables and is killed for it. Call him "the prince of peace". Mock the strong men. Beaten by the latecomers to the fight, whipped by the girlfriend. Make the strong out to be confused and crazy. Worship the money. Worship the shoes. Worship the ride, the new car, the new spaceship, the big man throwing his money around and not really doing anything to fix the world's real problems.

Don't let yourself be lied to. Global warming is here to stay and it's not going to hurt the rich, they can get in their real-life jet airplanes and fly somewhere with a more pleasant climate. Global warming is going to hurt the poor, that's why the rich don't really care about it, even when they lie and say they do. We all keep watching movies like this hollywood piece of **** and the world is going to end while the rich live in their own hidden paradises and all the poor die starving in garbage dumps, right but at least they can watch movies filled with lies on their cell phones. And the rich can say "what, we gave them cell phones, what are they complaining about? We made that movie for them, wasn't that nice of us?"


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Feb 19, 2001
It's not 'Citizen Kane' or 'The Godfather'. It's very good entertainment. A super hero movie with a black cast. I think too many read more into this than they should have. Personally, I thought it was average. It didn't have that gothic air. But, it wasn't bad. So, let's just enjoy that a lot of black actors and actresses will be getting paid for the trilogy



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Feb 19, 2001
Kem, that is so true. The shame of our own races self dividing mindset is pick one.

1. Jealousy

2. Crabs in a barrel

3. Demeaning our own to cull favor, approval and worst, acceptance in "The Other mans" world.

4. Holding their own unrealistic ratings bar of entertainment when it comes to our own.

Sad, really sad.

Art and entertainment aren't real life. If done right, they can motivate and move people to do great things. But ultimately, it's just a movie



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Jan 28, 2001
the near north
not only is it just a movie, it's a movie based on a comic book character. Why would anyone be angry over its content...or think it's supposed to make people better? It was entertaining; which is all it was designed to be. Why do people go to a movie, with a black ensemble, expecting to gain insight into life...and are disappointed when they don't?

Obviously, the movie wasn't for you. Get over yourself...and move on. There are many who loved it.

Now, back to the job of living.

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