Black Poetry : I read very well

Darling please don’t forget
the very first day we meet
I’m gonna lie my head on your chest
and fall asleep
elated that my dream has come true
in the past the need to vision about me and you
exchanging more than just pleasantries
presence before the Ancestors fulfilling our destiny
content just knowing i’m gonna get to trash my map
cause i’ll be there with My Him sitting in your lap
listening to you sing lullabies and rap
then there will truly be sweet dreams
for your Black Queen, My Beautiful Black King
Baby you gone need that shirt
on your back cause you ain’t
gonna have one tee shirt
left cause this thief stealing all of them
sneaking around above the rim
bra and panties missing
then we gone do some kissing
lips plump and plum
then you can lift your tee
and get you some
breasts poking eyes wide open <wink>
gotta giggle at the twist of faith
he don’t know feed her love
and you get to flip my pancakes
eat the fluffy eggs between my legs
then break the Whole doggone bed
getting this promise my tongue won’t miss
when i devour a banana split
topped with whip cream and a chocolate kiss

**i sleepy now.
I go to sleep”:Zzz:
My Him a dreamboat
how a girl gonna say nope
to an ice cream float
topped with Lucky Charms
chocolate syrup drips down my arm
what a girl to do but lick it off
Him stare say girl so sweet and soft
please don’t turn this movie off
after dessert we head home
in the car put down our gripped phones
then hold hands under the starred dome
She say, i cherish you
Him say, i treasure you
in the music room back of the house
Him decide to play chase the mouse
wanna thrust tongue down my throat
but gonna have to catch me first
that’s gone be plenty work
cause i run fast but still flirt
a twinkle in my brown eyes
into the bed i dive
uh oh that was a mistake
now he gone take his time
body saying girl you all mine


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