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Nov 2, 2005
Something Other

It is Time.

I am going Veggy...I have been good on not eating Beef (of COURSE pork)
I have been eating turkey slices recently because my does aunt good, lunch meat was in order(smh) and Chicken I have eaten...I just figured that would be My main meat for now, but still eaten lightly.
Until last night.
My aunt took me to se her family friends after the heartbreaking departure of my younger sister back to North Carolina and When We got there I met potty mouth Uncle D(I mean this dudes mouth is Bad). Now, I had unofficially me them before, they sent over a home made Pizza(yum). For some reason I KNEW this woman could make good pizza. My aint brought it with her one night after work and that was to be my lunch(she knew what she was doing:madd: So lunch time the next day, I got to have my pizza(It was a LOT too.) Take it out the Fridge, place it on the Cabinet, opent it up, mmmmmmmmm, it's got like Two cheeses on it...looks like a little pepper(peppers), and...what is that...oh is that beef? steak?....(It may have been chicken but I remember beef!) Is...that....pepperoni? :madd:
SO! I did not have the pizza.
That was a sad waste....and I do not waste. It sat in the Fridge even longer.
I was not certain if these were the same people, because she alked about them as if they were an old couple, they weren't. We were persuaded to stay and eat. We did.
They had some Crab pot or something, like a stir of Crab, shrimp, corn, and pork. I was already not so happy. She told me in the bathroom to eat just crab, so I was like okay. I went straight for the bowl of crabs, when I got there, I saw the corn and shrimp and theought, "maybe they cook it all separate...and mix it all together" so i took 1crab legs a few shrimp and corn....and when I grabbed the corn, I saw it. The brown meat....with fat.
then I looked at the other side of the Bowl and I saw the HUGE bone...I instantly did not want to eat. I was looking at my aunt in attemp to signal her, but then she went alll nuts and becaus etalking and such(yall know how folks do when ya see friends)
I was lost...when she h=came bak to the kitchen she directed me to the crab salad....I was relieved. I evn thought that the deviled eggs had meat in them(It was just a lot of relish:wink:)
I did not touch the baked beans(you know why)
We sat down and I began with the crab salad.....and then the crab....it looked like it was coked separately and it was all on top,,,,it was good...I as relieved I ate more salad I ate some of a deviled egg and then looked at the corn...I looked to se if it was grilled, ad it wasn't I I was ssssooooo worried, and I was contemplating it the whole way into my mouth. WHen I bit it, it was like I bit something that I knew was wrong. I was going to spit it out into a napkin....but I didn't want them to be offended....and after then thought.....It felt hopeless, I had already soaked juices into my mouth and I might as well swallow it.....it was hard, I took juice with it...and from there was very upset. I took a shrimp(like one bad decision after the other) it was even worse....again I swallowed(Don't judge me, this was hard)
I have up and went back to the crab(The whole time I am looking at my aunt figuring she would look at me, see how I was doing or something....no) I ate anther crab leg and got to the last one...I crack the shell and ate the top part(it was the Claw) smh....it tasted like sausage. I was almost furious! Here I am eating this FOOD!!!! I am the first one to tell people I do NOT EAT PORK! with No Shame...as others eat or do NOT eat things. and I can not say anything to these people because I was told not to...I am getting mad even now.
I tried to continue eating the Salad and the Eggs....but I caught this pain in my stomach....at sharp sickening pain. I have a strong stomach and I have been tricked into pork before, I usually catch it early though. It was bearable, but not enough to keep eating(just bearable to not throw up). I told Uncle D that my stomach hurt and he said to stop eating. I was not going to argue with that. I am a very pleasing person so my sacrifice is sometimes bigger them=n my stance. I took a few more bits of the salad and such and left it alone...I finished drinking the apple juice with an upset stomach at hand and we watched the olympics....I was very happy, I wanted to watch them.
He kept on asking me was I okay...I'm like "yes" he said You wan t me to throw your plate out...I said no...I will do it....not I NEVER am in a hurry to waste food....That is why I do not lose weight like I should....But the speed that I ran to throw that mess out is almost shameful(But also funny)
I enjoyed most of the rest of the night....but this morning I realized that my aunt really did not get that fact that I do not eat pork...it's always Like it is not such a big deal..
Maybe it was an upset sour stomach that had a Little resentment(it does have a mind of it's own) but I feel it was not taken as seriously as it should. I was told to just eat all the salads when we go over there because she makes a lot....
I had to marinate on that statement.
So, I have Declared my vegetarianism. I will not eat this crap....I am very tired of Fighting it as well when I do not eat pork in the south I am a vegetarian anyway!(It's kinda funny)
Except for dairy and Fish....I am making it Official...

I may have some aid, next time we visit Uncle D and Mrs. Cat...:bullseye:
Dear Beloved Sister PLATINUMILLITY1 ... this is a wonderful testimony and challenge to yourself (and the rest of us seeking to go this way).

I have been thinking of becoming a vegetarian for some time, gosh, for years and years ... ever since i met Brother Aqil, who is not here anymore, but always encouraged me to go this way.

I wish i were at the place you are, where it actually makes you sick to eat meat. I am so not there. I can eat it without any 2nd thoughts ... :) ... but i'm learning ... i even bought a book ... Becoming a Vegetarian ... so i could understand it all better ... i'm not far behind you (i don't think) ... so please continue to share with us / me ... as it is VERY ENCOURAGING to me! :love:

You surely know how to tell a story ... i almost got sick just listening to your experience ... great read! :wink:

Love You Sister! :kiss:


Congratulations and salutation, my Sister.

Depending on your financial status, this could be easy or it could be hard.

If you are suffering from compulsive eating (from what I understand, most people living in the US due to the heavy commercials, hedonism and materialism around) you might have a hard start - but it seems you have started already!

I've been a vegan (no animal products) for 3 years my Self, and it gets better every year, feel me?

More power to you, Sister.

Thank you for making an effort to saving the environment, yourself, the animals and abhorring all forms of exploitaton.


- Chi


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