Black Poetry : I NEED THEE...(This is a poem LovelyG wrote, this is SKINDEEP posting it for her)

Lovely .. we love you

This a very heart felt. Lovely you are in my thoughts and prayers. Between heaven and this place. Which will it be at any hour. These are words from a lovely lady, expressed in a deeper time in her life, wishing for no more sorrow, and pain. Decisions we don't make. May you be at peace in your heart and your family have peace as well. Bless you.
Dear LovelyGoldenone!

Dear LovelyGoldenone,

I know your pain and have cried unto the lord as you.
But trust him to wrap his arms around you and always
know what is best for you.
Right now while you are suffering and feel like it's enough.
Remember there was suffering for all that God did love.
His son suffered ultimately for all the sins of you and I...
and though you crie come get you "HE WILL , but by and by"
We can not hurry God nor question his true will.
It pains me that you are suffering and it hurts that you are ill.
But you are a living testimony of the faithful few, for those who
are lost and don't know him right now are watching you.
So dignified I know you are even though on sickness bed you lie.
Let not the words that others misread see that you have given up
the fight!!!!!!!!!!!!
We love you and we pray your strength until his time to gather you
in. But here is my heartfelt open letter to you...

PS. I am praying for your healing and relief from suffering and not my will
but GOD's Holy and Blessed will be done.
You are amazing and you are loved! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:


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