Black Short Stories : I need help with a new play to be written


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Jul 26, 2001
Lets see here. What shall my next play be about ? Lets tell the story of a woman who comes to America from, lets say, Jamaica. She tricks an American into thinking she wants to marry him but her ulterior motive is to land in Jamaica city, New York.

She pretends to catch a plane to the airport but secretly calls two talk shows, Ricky Lake and Springer to acquire funds in order to remain in America. She promises to give juicy details of her ex bridegroom’s private life. The talk shows take the bait but require the American to attend the show. The American refuses to participate, eventhough he’s poor and lives on rice because he’s a man of letters and principles. So the woman attempts to blackmail the American. The plot of the story is centered around the blackmail. What shall the blackmail be?. The American is scared to death because he knows what this woman is capable of because she had men beat up before and just advertise her 4 kids father name on the internet for a male prostitute. I mean she put his real name address, phone number everything. This woman is evil she already was married once for money so that a person could claim a permanent residence in her native country of France.

Now what shall I name this play. The Nut: or How a Jamaica Queen gets her groove on

If there is any suggestions on how I should develop this play please post and reply.


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