Black Spirituality Religion : I might have misunderstood the teachings but.....

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    I first want to place an disclaimer here now that what I am about to stress is and might be controversial in nature and might offend believer's of all faiths.
    With that said, You might want to stop here if you do not want to believe what I might present and claim or it might in other words cause some individuals to out right hate my guts but I do not care.
    What is it that I am about to say?
    It is a simple philosophy that I draw from every beliefs and faiths so bare with me.
    I thought Jesus taught in his words to "come as you are"?
    "judge not unless ye be judge"?
    Where I am getting at is the core and foundation, why do we need a church to attend at for salvation?

    I know he said,"where there are many assemble in my name, you have to forgive me I forgot the rest because it was told to me over and over that it so easy to forget, but did he not also say" he bless those who care for the less of thee among you?" meaning the poor?
    That's my strongest gripe with the whole religion thing, how can you say on one hand you saved and a christian, but spit on a brother or sister in need on the street or in your church?
    Why congregate at a church if we are not following the true writings of God?
    We come and go to church for a fashion show better yet a circus, but when it come to the fundamentals of being "Christlike" we do a sob job.
    When the last time your pastor or members of your congregation volunteered or even does a outreach to the poor in your community?

    I doubt from what I see anyone did so,it's more about the bling,clothes, and cars than the souls of people you see in your community struggling.
    I believe you don't need a church just as Jesus did, he walk amongst the poor and the least.
    "I believe he's in the streets" like Killer Mike speak in a song that grew on me as I pray and meditated.
    I can't change no one thoughts, but I can at least question it.
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    It's a matter of perspective.

    In a MegaChurch, Christianity may be a business; because the rent is high and the congregation is charitable.

    But in a small church, Christianity can be fairly sincere; with missions in local parks and feed the poor operations.

    If you disagree with your church, move. And if you find the pastor deplorable, tell others to move, too.

    However, don't imagine that your Church is everyone's Church.

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    so.. whats the question?