Black Poetry : I Made It...

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    I have been to that dark place
    Where there was no smile on my face.
    That place where nothing matters
    Where you soul feels worn out and battered
    I have been to that point where I attempted to let go
    Some don’t understand, they just don’t know
    When you there, you just want it to end
    You wish it was over or even just pretend
    So I understand how one can take his very life
    And not consider his children or even his wife
    The emotion is powerful and makes you week
    Where pills and alcohol is what you need just to sleep
    This **** is DEEP
    It’s an unhealthy place to find yourself in
    Its when you need the help from Jesus, Family and Your Friends\
    I thank God for the ones who reached out to me
    Helping me stand and showing me there more I can be
    That the book on my life is yet to be written
    So I stand today in the light, no longer hidden
    Im not healed, I still feel the pain
    The suicidal resurface but its not the same
    I have more control and use Jesus name
    I ask for the strength to continue to stand
    Cause with the Word of God I’ve become a stronger man
    I’m and child of God so I was born to win
    Because of what I been through, I’m a better friend.
    So I’m hear, to listen, a sympathetic ear
    Some days are going to be cloudy
    Yet most days will be clear
    I’m here to help you like someone helped me
    I’m here to release the burden of depression
    And set your mind free.
    Jesus is there for you, not just for me
    ……. I know right now the pain is great
    It will get better they say
    We just don’t know the date
    So hold on a bit longer
    You can do it
    You are stronger
    And if you have to, dig deep and fake it
    After a while you’ll see you’ll make it.
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