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8th wonder

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Mar 19, 2001
Los Angeles, California

i love you
and your beauty
and the way
you fill my cup
over and over

i love you
your voice
your strength
soothing in every way
opening my eyes
to a closer walk with God

i love you
and i realize these words
can never fully describe the feelings
which you are responsible for

i think of my life and the times i was within the desert..
and i know
without a doubt
i would repeat everything 50 times over
if you could guarantee
you'd end up on my doorstep

I Love You...

~You are the author of my tears of joy today...~
i capture a tear
fallen from my eye
for i now know
love has found me;

i smile a smile
too often hidden
by thoughts of
anger and dismay;

i think of you as
a part of us and i
wonder when reality
will hug as we do;

thank you for the scribe my queen and for all that you encompass. your tears of joy are always held deep within my heart.

i love you boo :D:


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