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Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006

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Hacking UFO Tech, SETI, and the Boundaries of “Respectable” Science
Where Do We Go From Here?

Riz Virk —  Startups, Sci Fi, Bitcoin, Consciousness, Space, Venture Capital, Play Labs@MIT, Video Game Pioneer, Indie Films

... It is being hailed by many in the world of UFOs as the beginning of a drip drip disclosure not only about the existence of so-called black government projects to study UFO sightings, but also what is perhaps a more interesting revelation for scientists and engineers: that in our airspace there exists technology that defies our known laws of physics, and we are actively trying to reverse engineer it ...



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Feb 19, 2001
Historically no matter the country involved when some new cutting edge technology is released for public consumption it's already being end of shelf lifed for something new on the drawing boards. The public will always be playing catch up. Anybody with even an inkling of credibility possibly revealing ongoing projects showing up on their radar will ultimately find themselves following a road to a well planned dead end. What many find interesting is most of the movies and TV shows appear to either mimic or foretell advances in technology against the super secret black projects that spend millions in guaranteeing project secrecy and have people walk off the end of the Earth to guarantee that. Very few of these projects involve the advancement of mankind in a beneficial way but are weapons programs or intelligence interception and tracking analysis projects pure and simple. GPS, Glonass, WWW, Hubble, ISS, MIR, NASA STS, Marine AIS, Aviation ABS, OTHB-R, PAVE PAWS, LoJack, PrePass, EBook, every road toll system, DOT cameras, etc, etc, etc. Many say the nuclear weapons programs guarantee peace which is a valid point in theory but WWIII will more then likely be cyber inflicted or economy destroying loans will be called in to thwart off invasion via conventional military forces. Whichever way WWIII goes, it will be interesting....from another planet.

Much of the new tech were former classified stuff. 3D video tech was/is, like that


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