Chief Elder Osiris : I Look At Things As They Appear To Be And I See Things As They Really Are

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    I Look At Things As They Appear To Be And I See Things As They Really Are

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    As I look and I See Things as they appear to be, it does not mean that I am selling things to you, I just share things with you, and how you believe about what you can not see, is entirely up to you, beloved, not that I do not desire for you to see that which is Divinely True regarding your life.

    To the looking Black Mind, what I see for the benefit of Black People and how I see how Black People must act in order to cause our lives to be bathed in Justice, Freedom, Joy, Independence, and have a Sovereign Of Life, to a believing controlled Black Mind, what I see for Black people, is mythical, and the Things that I see for Black people needing to do to reform our lives, to the controlled Black Mind, it look like what I see is impossible to achieve.

    Because with the Mind now used By most Black people, is the Mind that has been calibrated to believe in fantasy and to wish upon a star, which cause you not to know that by the use of a Mind now formed and controlled by Lucifer Himself, which most Black people use today, not knowing who Lucifer really is today, causes you to believe as you believe today about your Black self and Lucifer Religion and his politics.

    Lucifer is that which represent the forces of this world, in the form of a Human Being and it is Lucifer that has complete control today over the action of the world Mind, and especially the Majority of the Black World.

    It is a sadden and pitiful Black Afrikan, who now operate the Black Life using the belief that have been planted into the Mind action of Black People, by The Human Beings Devils, the Satan, the Lucifer's of the world, all being of the one and same evil spirit that is expressed today by the mind of most Black so call Afrikans, regardless of where we are in this evil acting world, which now have most Black people believing in fantasy stories concerning the way that a life should live in this world.

    It is complete fantasy to believe that America is subject to change that will have Black people to receive equal consideration by the rule of Law, as govern by America, and even if such a fantasy by some unforeseen miracle should come to be, that would favor Black people in America, what I see and what I know to be the need for action by Black people to cause what I see and know to become the Black life reality will not change my ability to Think, See, and Know what is Divine for the Black Life to accomplish, and that is to involve our Black selves in reclaiming Afrika and to fight for a United Black Afrikan Nation and to fight and receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which will serve to the need of our Black life to come to be Divinely active and True in an environment we would have created for our Black lives..

    Any so call Black Afriikan who put political belief above Divine certainty, when the life of Black people are at stake, is the Black Afrikan who in America spend our lives embroiled in political fantasy, when believing that America present method of governing will be overthrown for the purpose to include the Black life to being on the receiving end of Justice, equal exposure to having the same Rights of opportunity that all others in America that is not Black is exposed to in America.

    Such a belief by an Afrikan in American, happen to be a believer that the Black life problems in America is political and is not Racial, when from day one it was Racism and unjustified prejudice that imprisoned the Black Mind that now have us believing in fairy tales concerning The Divine Essence (GOD) and the life of Black people today.

    I can care less than a **** if America system of govern is changed to serve to the betterment of all of those in America, made to be separated in economic classes in America, what I see and what I know to be the Divine Path best to be followed by Black People, that does not change, and America is not what I see to be in the best interest of Black people, not ever.

    Because of the fact that you must be able to see that my Spiritual connection is to Afrika and my desire is to See Black so call Afrikans United in Afrika, because I know with such a Divine Relationship being expressed by Black people toward Black People in Afrika, then classicism in the world will become politics of a Evil force who would have lost control over the Mind of a people who started out upon this planet living and behaving as Divine Beings, and not Human Beings.

    Therefore, it is the Mind of Lucifer that refer to the Black reality concerning Black People as being mythical, which is correct, because the Divinity of Black people has been made to be a mystery to the Black World, as well as to most of the world in general, but to Lucifer self knowledge, the Divinity Of Black people is not mystical, but is a Divine Reality, which Lucifer know about concerning Black people, which is that the knowledge Lucifer has of Black people, it has been kept from the Mind of Black people by replacing the Black Mind method of Thinking to Lucifer Mind of believing about our Black so call Afrikan selves.

    You Black people get all tangled up over what is obvious to a Divine Mind that Think, concerning Lucifer Religion and his church of believers, the Church of Religion that when it come to Black People, served two purpose in the past, which was to Enslave the Mind of Black People and to be used as Lucifer Court House where Lucifer would sentence Death to the Black Afrikan caught Thinking and not Believing all that Lucifer tell Black people to believe.

    So there is not anything that is sacred toward Black people that goes on in the church mind of Lucifer toward Black Human Beings, Black people who now wear the Mind of Lucifer, which prevent Black people from seeing the world as Lucifer has structured it to be, which serve to causing the Mental death of Black so call Afrikans.

    So here you Black people are, you without knowledge of your Black Self, as you debate the lies of Lucifer Religion, as if there are Black Folks salvation to be gotten from the Religion of Lucifer, making no difference if the religion is ecclesiastical or Civil, as it is acted out against the lives of Black people, having Black people believing that our Liberation is to be experienced away from Afrika and is encapsulated in Lucifer Religion and politics, when the Center where the Salvation of the Black Divine Mind began, is in that Holy place now been made to be of ignorance and evil, the place call Afrika and in the Mind of the so call Black Afrikan.

    What I desire is not for the overthrow of America Government, my desire is for the reconstruction of the Government of Afrika Black People, and Black People reclaiming with power and authority, Afrika.

    That beloved, is what I see and know to be the Divine path that Black people should come of their own mind to pursue, and when such a Divine Mind come back to guide the life of the Black Afrikan, then and only then will the Mind life of Black people be free from the Evil of Lucifer Religion and Racial politics of and in the world today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Chief Elder
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