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    There's no sweeter prize in my eyes
    Than the one which lies, in between your thighs
    The BLACK pearl, the sweetest spot on any BLACK girl
    At least its second behind, a strong BLACK mind
    It would be wrong to say my world revolves around it
    But I am **** sure glad I found it
    Late at night when you close your eyes
    You feel my hands rubbing on your thighs
    I aim to claim my prize
    Later on, but for now I want to hold your BLACK thighs.
    It would be easy if I said
    They were like peanut butter, brown smooth and easy to spread.
    But to me, your thighs are like BLACK pages
    When they open, they inspire new thoughts for the ages
    They inspire me to desire a level that is higher
    Than the one I, currently occupy
    It has to be, 'cause if not so,
    the pages of that book wouldn't open anymore.
    I don't want you to hide my prize
    That's why I never mistreat BLACK thighs
    The way those BLACK thighs glide when they walk
    Seem speak the same language my libido talks
    They say come to us, better yet run to us
    Don't you want to have fun with us, are we not the source for your lust
    Look at us in these jeans; look at us in this skirt
    Look at us in these shorts, don't we make you go berserk?
    Don't you like the way we hold your prize?
    Don't you like the way we tease your eyes?
    Never underestimate the power, of BLACK thighs.
    BLACK thighs, BLACK thighs
    My oh my, those sweet BLACK thighs
    So round, so thick, so smooth, so soft
    I'd love them forever with out a second thought
    BLACK thighs, I love the way the words dance in my ears
    When I close my eyes, I see BLACK thighs everywhere
    I love the sound of BLACK thighs on the inside of a dress
    I can feel how soft they are in my gentle caress
    But beneath that softness lies strength untold
    Because when they wrap around you, there's power when they hold
    Because when they wrap around you, there's no place to go
    Because when they wrap around you, you don't want them to let go
    BLACK thighs, BLACK thighs
    My oh my, those sweet BLACK thighs
    Sweet BLACK gift wrapping for a sweet BLACK prize
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    truly enticing piece

    "can't say my world revolves around it
    but i'm sure glad i found it" :lol:

    nicely done poet nicely done

    oh, and by the way....

    welcome :wave:

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    welcome welcome welcome !!!!!!

    to da playground of destee's place
    welcome ICON come in and bond
    have fun run ya flow put on a show
    let us know da love in u upon family & friendz
    welcome in ....:D :toast: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: