Black Poetry : I Lied(I'm Done...It's Over pt.2)


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Apr 19, 2003
i think im just ramblin, but there's a point here somewhere.tell me if y'all r feelin this.

They say if u love someone, set them free.if they come back to u, it was meant 2 b.
Ya see, I had 2 use that mentality w/u.
I could no longer have sleepless nites, wonderin if ur love was really true.
I had 2 let u go, had 2 do it 4 me.
I didnt talk 2 u, refused 2 think about u.
Yea, i was really missin u.
Then one day it hit me....
My emotions came back in full force.
Every feelin that i tried 2 ignore went right out my hearts door.
My emotions said 2 me "Who r u foolin?....b patient, dont worry, u'll get through to him."
Like Usher, I definitely got it bad.
I'm w/someone, but i keep thinkin about somebody else.
Yea, thats definitely me, w/out a doubt.
We started talkin again, I 4got how much I like 2 hear ur voice.
I got u 2 open up 2 me more.
I couldnt believe what u were holdin in.
But I know y u did, its cuz i have a man.
I love u, wanna b w/u.even if its a couple of yrs down the road.
If we're never 2gether, its all good.
We should never let go, even until the day that we grow old.
Always rememberin eachother and the memories we each hold.

true love

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Aug 27, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
you're right there is a point in here, but i can't put it into words LOL but i feel it and i know where you coming from. but yeah i can't put it into words. much love for this one.


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
letting the river flow here speak on
say it all! feelin dis

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