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Nov 7, 2003
Baltimore Md

Don't you miss hearing me tell you how special and lovely you are? Don't you miss me encouraging you and telling you that you are going to work out fine in life. I know you miss me genuinely telling you how beautiful and sexy you are. How badly I want to hold and kiss you, make your heart flutter and your lips curl up into smiles.

Im going to get to the point. Its not like you are not a grown *** woman that has needs and is fighting a feeling that you just don't need to be fighting! I miss you and I want to feel your warm, thick, curvaceous frame up against me real soon. I want to tug your hair. I want to remove your clothing. I want to kiss you ever so passionately and cause your heart rate to rise and beads of sweat to form on your upper lip and forehead in anticipation of what my flesh melting into your will feel like.

I want to push you back on the bed, mixing just the right amount of rough and sweet at the same time! When I lay you down, I will release your lovely breast from your bra, taking one nipple into my mouth at a time and then both together as you squirm and want me to take you higher. I will then squeeze and massage your moist kitten through the pretty panties you select, knowing that you want me to see your fantastic frame and treat you like the Queen you are and not just someone that I'm hitting a room with to blow your back out!

After I got you dripping wet and ready to beg me to stroke your sugar walls so that you can release some of that pent up frustration ... I will tease a bit more, making you lift your thick cheeks off the mattress trying to rush me along! Then I'm going to rip your flimsy cloth right off your body, exposing your flower open for business, ready to feel inch after inch creep into your secret garden! But I wont ... not just then!

I will push the torn fabric out of my way and torment you with this long, wide beast of a tongue until you trickle your desire down my throat! After you buck and scream, after you call my name and long for me a bit more ... I will get on my knees in front of you and brandish my weapon! As you look at my thick, shining armor ... you mouth waters wanting to suck my manhood so that you can have control over the situation!

You love how you make my toes curl and look into my eyes as you polish my tube steak, causing my body to writhe with pleasure waves time and time again! Instead you are laying on your back ... staring at your lovely self looking in the mirror on the ceiling wishing you could feel me push out all your walls at one time, knowing that no man that has ever touched you before feels quite like I do when I'm buried in your blessedness!

When my head forces your sweet sticky lips apart, you seem to hold your breath for an eternity! Then when you adjust to my size, taking note of the care I use to handle you ... you explode ... hard ... not caring how loud or how ugly the faces you make! As I continue to stroke your kitten, another orgasm wells up in you and begins to come forth!

This will keep on like this for at least two more hours and you know it. Who works your middle until you feel dehydrated? Who makes you cum, scream and squirt until you feel like there is nothing left to let out? Who touches more than your phat, swollen ****, but more so your soul? Who leaves you knowing that you were never used, but treated ... never a piece of ***, but a token of gratitude? I don't wear the name Poetic for no reason, now do I? I know You Miss This......(Poetry):SuN033:

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