Chief Elder Osiris : I Know Why They Really Hate You

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    I Know Why They Really Hate You

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth, Maybe, Just Maybe, Somebody Black Might Hear You.

    I do not trust the Devil, Lucifer the Human Being to ever tell me the Divine Truth about Why they hate you so much, so I consider the statement in question that is going out to you about Satan the Lucifer of Evil, they who will not ever tell you the Divine Truth about why they really hate you.

    Because to tell the Divine Truth about why they have taken the action they have taken against you, it would be revealing who they truly are, and they do not “want” you to know that truth, that is why Lucifer created Religion for you, yes for you the Black Race, and they are in reference to Lucifer The Human Being.

    Such a question, and I take "why they really hate you" as a question, asking Lucifer why they hate you, to be not beneficial to you, because if you were Divinely interested in knowing the answer to that question you are asking Lucifer about his Hatred of you, then you would be about the business of finding out who you are.

    The answer to the question, “why they Hate you,” the answer is in you knowing you, never trust Lucifer to tell you the Divine Truth ever, about himself, because that would be the Divine True answer to the question, “why they hate you.”

    I know why Lucifer hate you so much, because I know you, and I know Lucifer through me knowing you, and there can be no accurate answer to such a question about that Devilish Lucifer Human Being, concerning why they really hate you, not until you get to know you.

    Freedom, and you returning back to your Divine self, is not in knowing what and why they hate you, nor is it in you believing that you know who you use to be, freedom is in you knowing who you are today, which will have you to know that you are not today who you were before you became who you are today.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Knowing about history of you, does not qualify you to know the Divine Truth about you, and not until you know the Divine Truth about you, you will not learn to know, “why they Hate you.”

    Learning about history about you upon this planet, is believing the profane lies about you, coming from history, because to know the Divine Truth about you, it require that you get to know of you, before your stay upon this planet Earth.

    So, because you do not know beyond history about you, that is why you are making the questionable statement concerning the Devil, "why they really hate you."

    It is as if to believe Lucifer, if he would pretend to tell you about you that go beyond history about you.

    So now, you pretend to believe you know you, because of such telling coming from history, and believing history about you, it does not translate into becoming your freedom.

    Because, history about you, come from they who are born liars and deceivers, and freedom must be the goal for you, which must be obtained by you, based upon what you know about you, using your Divine Mind that came with you.

    So, to know that freedom should be your goal, would have you to know that it is not about them and is about you knowing why they do what they do against you, which verify their hate for you.

    Beloved, it is about you knowing why it is that you do nothing to know of you, which is caused by your own inaction, which is what prevent you from knowing why they hate you, and they do hate you, believe it, that is Divinely True About You, coming from them that reveal about you, "why they really hate you."

    I know why they hate you so much, because I can see you before you came to be hated by them, and such Divine knowing is locked away in a quality of Mind that you no longer use anymore, a mind that is not profane, but need to be reclaimed by you, a mind that is Divine.

    When you know you, then it is no mystery of a wonder about your sojourn upon this planet before all others, because like you love to brag about you being first upon this planet, then it stand not to wonder but to know that you it was that brought civilization to this planet, before the coming of the western mayflowers to come to the western world and became discoverers and not explorers, such a mind body venture belong only to those who were first upon this planet earth.

    So it stand to Divinely Reason that all that took place on this planet in the alpha of life activity upon it, came from those people who now ask of Lucifer the question, “Why They Really Hate You”.

    You are the people who slumber in Space, Time, Continuum, wrapped in the cover of Infinite Darkness, you being explorers of not just the Planet Earth but of the Universe, way before this solar system became the child of the Universe and was able to activate by its own Divine motion and appearance, moving Divinely in step with that which gave birth to its appearance, the Infinite Universe, that which gave it a place in the physical Universe.

    Yes, I know who you are and “why they really hate you.”

    Never ask a question that you do not already have an answer to, because if you do, you display ignorance about what you are asking about, and you remain a slave to that which you are asking the question too.

    I know why they really hate you, and they do so because they do know you, and now have made you not to know thyself, so you live a life of not knowing anymore, and you now is of a life living situation that have you believing that which you do not know, You.

    Never display yourself in a way that does not reflect a Divine image of yourself, because when you do, you show that you are still who they have made you to be and not who you Divinely are, and such a Lucifer image is what display the scars of evident of being hated by other than you, and they are those who really hate you, that have you so scared up in your life body today.

    I know why they really hate you and it is because they know that you did not appear before them as they now have you appearing to the world today, they know that you did not come in their image and likeness, that which you now project to the world today.

    Hate can be a profane virtue and a Divine virtue, and it is the profane hate that caused Lucifer to disfigure your Mind and body, having you to operate in a body and mind figuration that have you to be no longer Divine Beings but now Human Beings.

    There is no force of hate than another Being taking advantage of another Being, simple because such a Being project the Mind that produce a Spirit of Divine quality, and it is profanity that hate Divinity, and you now today, ask the question, “Why They Really Hate You”?

    You not knowing thyself serve as a testament about “why they really hate you”, because as long as they can keep you ignorant about you, which prevent you from knowing what they know about you, that which you do not know about you, which have you asking the question that they know the answer to, and you do not.

    Therefore it is our ignorance of self that serve as a prison house in where our Divine Mind is locked down, and as long as our Divine Mind remain in Lucifer made to be mental prison, then Lucifer the Human Being maintain to remain to reign supreme over you who now ask the question, Why They Really Hate You?

    Imposing a moral standard upon the victim of imoral action that is being used against you, and it is religious morality that is forbidding you to hate evil, and such a standard does not apply to the criminal committing the crime of evil; such become the making of a fool, whose shackles happen to be religion.

    All of the Time the moral imperative is assigned to You and not to they who hate you, having you to believe that it is your responsibility to not disapprove of the way we have been made to live our Body life, no, hate is not an option, why, because we now are victims of a religion that have captured our Divine Mind.

    So, that is what preventing us from being qualified to Divinely Reason, which will have you to know that there is no better therapy than to hate that which has taken advantage of you, and now is abusing you, by having you to believe that to hate is a sin which will prevent you from having a reserved seat in religion heaven, the fantasy of religion..

    Yes, I know why they really Hate You, and it is because they know that you carry the Divine Spark within that Black body, and I know why you hate those that share the Divine Truth, and it is because you have no knowledge about you, as they do, and your belief is based in the foundation of Lucifer Religion, which cause you to ignore what you need to acknowledge, and know what they have caused you to believe, and the end result of Lucifer action against you, have you asking, why they reallyhate you?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    If I were them, which I am not, I would probably hate me too

    The divine truth is that I actually understand what hate is, just refuse to practice it

    I mean to say that is my own divine truth, and what my soul tells me

    I don't really care why if I didn't do anything, but i can understand where the idea came from because i have been influenced at times when the world was telling me it was wrong to be who i felt like being

    i've discovered my own divine truth and nature, and you know what everyone has that rite, if they chose it

    with that I have nothing to be angry about, and connection

    i'm not willing anything but rather i am picky in my reception of the happenings of my surroundings

    mental rejection because it exists as a force field until it wears itself out or the condition wears off

    I understand. I just don't always agree.

    Age is a number, and days are numbered

    but growth is necessary condition for expansion

    the soul be made new outside of time, but time does not renew, it was created linear

    infinity is for the pure of soul, not pure blood or pure bred, because time tells these can be contaminated

    not really focused on hate, because hate keeps self from ascending into infinity

    this is why i don't hate back, or attack because i don't feel the need

    and i figure i would be standing in the way of my own birth rite, and passionate ideals and expectations of paradise, and letting those before down by leaving their being unconsciously providing sunlight to a world that it doesn't belong to

    and that's just me, stubborn as can be