Black Women : I know This is a Crazy Question


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Feb 28, 2009
Hey sistas.

Yawl might think sista river is bugging (no pun intended) but I was reading and ta man whose last name is Roach came up. I started thinking how he must have been teased mercilessly when he was a kid. I began to wonder how a man named Roach could ever get married and pass his name onto the 21st century. So I am asking you sistas, would you marry a man named Roach? If so would you send your children to school with that name or would you tell them to use a fake name? Would you insist that he get his name legally changed as part of a prenuptial agreement? or would you keep him on the end of a long handled spoon the moment you found out his name?


This topic is so ironic for me!

I have so often thought about this same thing.

I went to school with a boy named Andy Roach and I did think about him ever getting married.

I just don't know if I could go through life as "Mrs. Roach" and I certainly wouldn't want my children called "the little Roaches." (lol)

So, I'm just thankful that I've never had any interest in a man with such a name.

....maybe he could be convinced to add an "e" to the end of it and pronounce it Roa-che'. (lol)

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