Black Poetry : I know how it feels

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    May 11, 2001
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    I know how it feels
    To want to cry but can’t
    To want to proclaim to all the world
    I’m here !
    Don’t look through me like
    I’m some non- entity
    I whisper
    When I feel like shouting
    I smile
    When I feel like frowning
    I fight the good fight
    When all I want to do
    Is curl up under some one warm and cry
    I know how it feels to be lonely
    But I am never alone
    Constantly surrounded
    By the fakes, the dreamers and the wannabes
    But I am oh so very lonely
    I know what its like
    To want to feel
    But can’t
    Because the numbness invades my body
    Like a sickness
    In my soul
    I know how it feels
    To want to love
    But won’t
    Cause I’m too scared to let go
    To afraid to take the chance
    Trust me when I say
    I know how it feels