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    I touched her, tracing aimless trails on her naked skin
    Feeling her elbows, shoulders, hands and fingertips … wondering how’s she’s been -
    Since the last time I’ve seen her in this temporal resilience
    Somehow, she has a glow about her … a different kind of brilliance
    She’s excited, and enticing … her smile is bright and her face glowed
    She’s beaconing me to come closer by the fact that she’s disrobed
    Her come hither ways excite me to erection and strong desire
    As she slowly wiggles and slithers on the bed in her naked attire
    I traced my fingers down her spine down to the crack of her ***
    I fondled the lobes of her behind which were taut and world class
    She turned and handled my virility, rubbing in firm smooth strokes
    With actions that were apparent … no need to coax
    As anxious as I was to engage in a personal display
    She was just as anticipatory, and anxious in the same way
    There was no mask, no façade or false pretense
    This opened the door for me to know her in the biblical sense

    With one hand she touch my skin and started tracing trails with her fingertips
    With the other she rubbed her chin and neckline, then traced circles around her lips
    She gives me this glace that is wicked … and naughty
    While she traces aimless trails all over my body
    After handling the sugar cane in only a way that she could
    She petrified my member and made harder my wood
    I was primed, as was she to merge out bodies and souls
    I was ready to rock rattle, yaw, pitch and roll
    Her lady fingers touch me in places that that got a rise out of me
    I touched her in spaces that made her temperature rise a few degrees C
    We were both heating up, doing more than just breaking the ice
    The way I touched her and she touched me … it was very, very nice
    The touching, the feeling, the fondling, the caressing
    Was exhilarating, inviting, revealing and refreshing
    This was but a foretaste of the upcoming events
    For I was getting to know her in the biblical sense

    The touching and teasing is raising the sensual bar
    With passion that is hotter than a new born star
    I touch her skin, the feel that’s smoother than the taste of the finest wine
    I put my finger in her mouth … she puts her finger in mine
    I can feel her tongue brushing against the tips of my finger
    I feel her finger on my tongue … and around her digit my tongue lingers
    I pull past the gentle bite that she has clamped down on my skin
    Pulling my finger far enough to slide it down to her chin
    And continue the tactile foreplay, moving down to her chest
    In between her sternum … that special place in between her breast
    And take a firm yet gentle grasp that makes the ecstasy triple
    Taking pinches of the Hershey kisses that are her nipples
    Passions heat up like temperatures rising to record highs under the dessert sun
    I was kissing the back of her hand, and her fingers … sucking every one
    The sucking of her middle finger and what it represents
    She opened up for me to know her in the biblical sense

    She played with my candy cane and played with it well
    She handled my man handle until it was hard as hell
    She manipulated my private parts and made them her own
    She got a rise out of me … and she put me in the zone
    She took my center limb and put it to her lips … unsolicited
    Her actions and her lingual activity were welcome, and highly elicited
    She visited a place that welcomed her with unguarded unrestraint
    The way she made love to my lower extremity was comfortable, cozy, and quaint
    She rose from her lowered posture, to lay herself on the bed
    Pulling me towards her, after having just finish giving me head
    She spread her legs open like the expanse of the sky
    And granted me access to her person, that was far from shy
    Extending my want that’s set itself poised like hard putty
    With intent and decisiveness I put my cane to her cutty
    Pushing past the closure of her pubic defense
    I’m in her … knowing her in the biblical sense

    I penetrated her pubic fortress, and it was one of the best feelings in life
    I knew this lovely lady like Adam knew his wife
    Open wide and electrified was this beauty bound for bliss
    I entered intercourse with center-force, sealing the consummation with a kiss
    This experience of ecstasy was more gotten than gold
    With one hand on her backside, gripping more *** than I could hold
    The way I held on to my dear damsel was like a tale to a story told
    The warmth generated by this act of passion was heated, and far from cold
    The other around her neck as our bodies clapped in applause
    Her body shivered in a shudder, signaling a momentary pause
    Her body quakes and sudden wetness was the evidence sought after
    The kind of actions that let me know that I successfully bated her mastur
    She was prime from the beginning putting her inhibitions aside
    With her guard down, letting me know that her orgasms are emotionally tied
    When she cums, she sheds a tear and joyfully laments
    Signifying gratification in my knowing her in the biblical sense

    The tears she shed, that were in response to my coital correctness
    I wiped them with my finger, and sucked the salty wetness
    Upon seeing, she smiled, at the actions as such
    And utter in her tone “Mr. Man … you are too much”
    She grabbed my lower back and pulled me into her arena
    As invited and welcomed as she is making me feel … I need no subpoena
    As she undulate her hips to receive my rhythmic thrust
    I can feel her bio-rhythms; my dear is about to bust
    Just like a certain time with the Nile River she was about to over flow her banks
    She quivered, shivered and released liberal liquids … all to show her thanks
    With pants of exhaustion her bell was rocked and her vulva gave a grin
    With stymied sighs and feminine inflections she muttered “oh God … I came again”
    Her satisfaction was obvious, her contentedness showed
    Her valley flooded time and again … her cup overflowed
    The drenched bed sheets and other linen are the evidence -
    Of her gratification and pleasure in my knowing her in the biblical sense

    We roll over … after the orgasmic bed wetting
    She’s not on top; I’m still in her womanly netting
    She starts to ride me … like a horse at a ranch
    I was the vegetable in her skillet which she was starting to blanch
    She dances on my body, giving me so much love
    I can feel myself in her uterus, like a hand moving in a very tight glove
    A very moist opening which hyper-arouses me to the core
    That makes me want her – with each flick of her hips – more and more
    She sweeps, swivels and grinds … she undulates and swerves
    She puts on a freaky display that sets pleasure to my nerves
    She lays it on me so much so that my face contorts to a frown
    She holds her hair in a bun and starts hopping up and down
    She got on top and danced on my like a flame does on a candle sticks’ end
    She wiggled her hips and contorted her body to bow and to bend
    The way she straddled me was like a curious girl straddling a fence
    She rode me, allowing me deeper access to know her in the biblical sense

    She moves her hips in such a way that had me hypnotized
    The feel of your genital genius had y body mesmerized
    As she scrubbed my Manners with the pleasures of her uterus
    My body’s response was automatic, and though revisited, the feeling felt new to us
    Ours was a dance that would arouse even the blind
    Merged at our pubic areas, we performed the making of mankind
    Elliptical hip action that was a dance session in itself
    Energetic intercourse that had us sweating harder than anyone else –
    Who would care to be voyeuristic and observe with an eye and/or and ear
    And get turned on by the actions that are so bold, audacious and clear
    Giving it all I got pushing the limits of human strain
    ******* this maddened maiden until she bites me … bringing the pain …
    She waxed me with her wetness as she moved her hips with vigor
    The expressions on her face told of her effort and rigor
    The warm and wet release from her genitals was all she needed to convince -
    The man in me, that I was satisfying her, knowing her in the biblical sense

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2007
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    Whew! What can I say...I think I'm actually at a loss for words...LOL!!! Such an awesome piece. Once again, you displaced my mind from reality to your flow. And what a wonderful trip it was!!!! I feel another inspiration coming on....
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    Yea Poet! Yeah!

    hOT! this is how it supposed to be done. ...**** this is a good read...feel as if i was participating a bit here...I need a cigarett.
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    bringing da winter heat fo sho wheeeeewwwww!!
    Hot Hot Hot Red Hot
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    It's as though the door was ajar, your descript verses let us take a peek at this steamy tryst.
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    Since you put it that way ... yeah
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    I think it just got alitle hotter in here lol.
    This piece difinitely draws a person in your erotic, sensual world. Loved it
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    Hope: Your loss of words is a loss of words for me. I don't know what else to say but 'Thank you' for the read :)

    Sprite: I'm one to agree that this is how it is supposed to be done

    Rich: You know how I do ... I gotz to bring the heat [it's cold as h3ll this winter] :)

    watz: was that you watching in the closet ... I thought I heard something ... lol

    Beautiful: I like the thermometer up on high :)