Black Relationships : I just want to speak my peace


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Apr 14, 2012
What I am about to say is going to throw people off and might seem like I am bashing, but what I been seeing, hearing, and feeling is foreign.
I never was one to be open or like to deal with my emotions, I was never the bad guy or nerd.
This is the problem, I was the observer never was into females that much and never had a reason to. Don't get me wrong I like females but I was never the type to run after them.
I was not the guy who like to change or feel anything for someone.
I notice that for a guy like me or the guys that have morals and values is shun,excluded,ignored or viewed as weak, but we are always told growing up from females "we just can be friends" or my favorite you a "nice guy".

What many single guys don't get and why they date female of another race is because the extra guessing and the pain you put a guy through who is trying to be himself. You viewed this guy as needy or whatever, but you do not know how hard or what goes on inside his head when he finally have the courage to say anything. It is a guessing game that make a guy want to be alone.
I know we different, and behave different but why you keep thinking life is a fairy-tale it never going to be a happy-ending and the state we are in we need each other more than ever.
How a family suppose to be built with me in a jail cell all behind the misinterpreted notion that we got to be A-Z or how can I be there for my kids from a grave? You tell me

You want us to be one way and then, want us to switch up and be another.
Remember it is a two way street, in y'all minds there no more "Good Man", but there are
a lot of them in front of you, but you too deep in fantasy land to see them.


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Feb 26, 2008
Metro ATL
Don't Ask
So let me understand.....

You're too sensitive for a sista? And white folks treat you more delicately?

See these are the people who will get left behind when the revolution comes. And we won't miss them...


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Jan 20, 2015
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Apr 14, 2012
How is it sad? When people ask a question and you give a answer to why they can't handle the truth. Everyone going to have different experiences and views.
This is a link that support my cause:

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