Black Poetry : I just happen to love you


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Mar 19, 2001
do I need to repent for loving
you? telling you got me convicted
in a land of verbal damnation

you said you didn't want that weight
to bear wear the bow of my love in your hair
said you didn't want to feel obligated
to tell me the same be inundated with
falsehooded thoughts of lover's lane
and walk bare footed cloaked in shame
of loving me because I am something
so different than other / past /behind you

maybe my words don't fit you
maybe I'm trying to squeeze you into
a garment you don't know how to wear
maybe I need to wear how you make me feel
so you can see how to walk down the
runway of this slice of life called us
maybe my words are not supposed to fit you
maybe I'm so far ahead of myself that
from a distance I think I see love
but, it's inside of me so dis-stance
is not the platform I stand on for
it is my soul that echos your name.

(c)2001 blakverb


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