Black Poetry : I it maybe sick sometime but Quick to find the shortest route to the bedroom there wine await plus cake let us take our time and dine there's true tro


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May 11, 2006
it maybe sick sometime but Quick to find
the shortest route to the bedroom there wine
await plus cake let us take our time and dine
there's true trouble going through the rubble
of a love affair, in the club to compare and double
the drinks, getting a kiss is the sharp point
it can pull apart stuff but a harp can anoint
with string music I got bling and use it
dispatch plenty true rap
its a catch 22 which is a trap
see a BLACK SOUL SISTA perhaps
for a date “girl sit in my lap
I want some cake where is the map?”
now this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia
Beach I'm here for dinner boo not
an interview so let me kiss your lips
try keep a list of scripts
gee my task expand
while haters come with a smash plan
that belong in a trash can
just too much junk to shoulder
wow my funk is bolder
NAW PLAYER “I got round hips
and down with chips and dips
black and exact with the facts
baby got back and sometimes tracked
down by a boy a guy can toy, now a Mack
truck pass, have to make a hardcore decision
and that's no more television
until my homework is done
no time to moan and groan and fun
around, have a hot cake so a lot at
stake, must be up to speed
just so my luck can proceed
look my pie crust is hot
like the sun but just not
gonna give it up
flirting while you rapping
something is certain to happen
my dress is not up
I got breasts and a hot butt
proud of my rhymes
be on cloud nine
and speak loud sometime
as these thoughts crowd my mind
was wit a boy out to wine and dine
I got cake on a date waitress I'll take
a steak it'll make my day so we break
bread this boy wanna kiss and toy
with my juicy coo-chee sometimes annoy
me, there's thunder in romances
but under no circumstances
this should force a divorce of course
other agreements could be reached, source
magazine explains this” “SO BOO
you a Black Soul Sista and who do you
give it to?” “you don't know do you?”
SHE SAID “Well I was shook at this party
and a boy looked at my body
wanted to stroke it nightly
so he spoke politely
situation require breast and he desire success
ambition is tradition
Attitude required and food desired
breasts normal I dress formal wired
to function at every junction hired
as a beauty queen cutie on the scene
her duty extreme got booty and a team
she strut butt as a Puerto Rican she lean
toward Spanish her luck is a boy's dream
it's like a cup of cream added to coffee
from purple to black and like Urkle softly
with fact for Family Matters, she been on
trails that entails love and stuff at home
think pink like her panties is how she roam
this one boy want some true sex
she have to think what to do next
she flirt and strut then send a text
“aw you made a corrupt mistake
my plan is really up to date
the answer is no my cake is sweet”
“ I know that, just want a piece to eat
so boo let me take you out tweet
your boyfriend I wanna speak
to him, no you tell him you gonna be late
on the return so he won't be concern”
“oh no tonight gonna burn
some midnight oil my plan is shook
gonna need a handbook
to study up on this
because after a strong kiss
we may have sex then reminisce
well boo what's wrong with that?”
“a lot my panties are hot and phat
threw them in the air and boys sample
them this is an example
of a film title panties on the fly
and boys want my candies and pie
have to keep a watchful eye
from the ground to the sky”
“OK BOO let's me and you take
a drive down town will be great
so girl hop in my car
we'll stop to the bar


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