Black Poetry : i hear you in my sleep

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    i hear you in my sleep
    (for jolaina)
    by romus simpson

    the wild blue night tuned & turned down
    we have left the frenzy of shops & avenues
    lay our bodies in the music beneath night
    we are silver
    a flooding silver in beautiful whole notes
    silver pooling in the palm of god’s hand
    each slow breath lowering me into dreams
    we move together in the sleep gardens & laugh
    hundreds of lilacs reach & spread around us
    distill the humming silences into fragrant smiles
    you position yourself against me
    exchange breath with you sistuh
    caress your lips until
    your moon eyes crescent then thin
    beautiful swimmer pulling the night universe past you
    beautiful child whose skin no longer breathes hilarious breaths
    slow heart waltzing in your throat
    i hear you leaving for the next world
    doe eyed reaching astronaut
    move my tongue between your
    lips over your eyes & breasts
    you come back to me for moments only
    you are more there than here

    you always say something sweet
    it is your nature
    a deep breath then more velvet
    more dark countryside thick as melanin & oil
    an understanding “i love u”
    i let the words run me like slow water
    i bathe in the blue moment & think of kissing you
    the ear believes you are here
    the soul free, inarticulate in joy
    half a silent country in the wake of your sermon
    my face disappears like the sun in your hair

    a night carnival
    festival river lit with distant fireworks
    bright calico crowds of happy people
    me belonging to you in a buoyant beauty
    & above us the dizzy universe planets lights &
    the ferris wheels hurling stars into space like
    a huge gentle man who brings sleep in his clean hands
    whose girth is the composite night
    you appear at the carousel walking strolling
    tassled with stars & moonlight
    grinning & sighing & open as the gulf & sea
    striding towards me from birth
    hair like a kenyan night turbaned round your head
    your skin is fine earth swept in a rain of small damp breezes
    your mouth an oceangoing darkness i long to draw salt from
    then you kiss me in such candor that the carnival
    unleashes its gentle horses into the night fields

    it is the infinite space of the universe
    that i fail to understand
    the concepts of anything being endless
    like night, forever & still
    without need for numbers or references to
    clearances or county lines
    unless you count the stars that love you &
    frame themselves in your window
    the night hills & a sea of amber grain
    roads that intersect & cool in memory
    it is each sterile 4am with the sheets shoring against my body
    realizing that the room is empty &
    i have always been alone here in the nile reeds dreaming

    how silly to be hurting
    to be left behind in the mute room
    to have weight balanced in the interim of dreams
    to send language into the abyss & silence &
    wait naked praying at the mauve edge of the universe
    tonight in the home country near the primeval coast
    if u take those beautiful highways lined in desperate oaks
    north west to greater breath of god in san louis obispo
    something glistens in the offing
    something a glance slower than sudden
    a lone guard on his solitary duty
    at the winery at 3am looks out toward it
    across the miles of dark fields & forest then turns away
    all things disappear
    all things disappear
    & you are not here
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