Black Relationships : ''I have to court you first''

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    I have never really looked at my best friend as more than a friend. He is a really great guy, we get on well and he's been there for me through so much. He has been in and out of relationships all of which he has never really mentioned to me-which I have never understood but I've never plugged him about it.

    There were times I used to think he didn't care at all because for long periods of time (I now realize when he's been in a relationship) he wouldn't get in contact with me. He has never liked any guy I have dated as such and has let me know this. Also stating for e.g. '' I would never do that to a girl''. When me and my ex broke up my best friend called me everyday to make sure I was okay and even took me out the day after to cheer me up.
    Recently he makes a great deal of an effort to see me. I love spending time with him we are so comfortable around each other and always have a blast. Whenever we go out it is always just us two,he has invited me out as his date on a few occasions and been out with a big group of my friends.

    There was a time I fell ill whilst out, he came out of nowhere and picked me up with a car full of his friends. I didn't ask him to do this, his friend said he dropped everything to come to my rescue. Baring in mind I was initially out with my other best friend and she left me struggling to stand outside the train station.

    Everyone always says we should just be together and I always laugh it off. Now thinking about I think I want to give it a go. No I don't want to rush into a relationship with him and think it will be all peachy. I just think that if we took the time to get to know each other on that level who knows he may be that guy? If things don"t work out then at least we didn't jump into anything. You know what I mean?

    Just the other day we were casually talking and I mentioned my love life being non existent and he implied me and him being together, I laughed it off thinking okay whatever. Then he continued saying we could get married etc. So I said okay let's gets married then and his reply was '' I have to court you first''. I'm not sure if he actually meant this! I have had friends say '' I know someone perfect for you'' as a suggestion but never like this. Especially with him.
    Could we be on the same page?

    By the way I am 23 and he is 25 in case anyone is wondering.
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    Best friends tend to be the best husbands. If you have feelings for him, you should go for it.

    However, I have to agree with him on courting. You won't know if he's the right guy if you don't date him for a decent period of time.

    I dated my husband for 2 and a half years; we've been together for 8 years in marriage.