Black People : I Have Shared Information That Is Qualified To Save Black Afrikans Ten Thousand Time Over If Only Adhered Too !!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
I Have Shared Information That Is Qualified To Save Black Afrikans And Afrika Ten Thousand Time Over If Only Adhered Too By Your Black Behind!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Information is shared to inform and have you to learn to know about that which you do not know about, giving to you the opportunity to Innerstand that which you need to be aware of beloved!!!

I am not here to hand feed you with pablum, I am here to confront you like the Divine Beings you use to be, your responsibility is way beyond a child's responsibility which is to be and act a child beloved.

So, do not come to me complaining about how I approach Black Afrikans sharing Divine Information with you and you complaining how straightforward I am in Describing what I see of Black Afrikan's behavior today as being not that of a spirit dedicated to fighting for Black Afrikans Freedom!!!

When living, life change is inevitable, its the lawful action of the Universe, so if you live then change is going to be your experience and that change is coming whether you like it or not and you have no choice in accepting living changes that come with living, beloved.

There are three types of changes that have an effect on your Living, there is a natural change that takes place. age and climate-wise, you know, from young to elderly, summer, fall, winter, and spring, there is Environmental change based on the political, social, economic and religious natural occurrences, and there is Mental change based on attitudinal behavior, and those three changes are what become the changes that determine the welfare of your living opportunities and all I have shared with Black Afrikan people covered those three dynamics that affect the way we live Life.

Black Afrikan people are the only people who do not take our oppression serious, we joke about it and take it to be some kind of form of entertainment today, no longer do we become serious about doing what is necessary for us to do to change the Living condition we find ourselves in today.

Fantasizing about how change is to come to the Living condition of Black Afrikans, is not being wise and wisdom comes from living experiences and you having a Divine thinking ability.

So, there is no child wise enough to lead the Black world out of the living condition we are in today, a condition that took thousands of years to accumulate into developing the Mental illness we Black Afrikans showcase today about ourselves.

I always will keep it real with us Black Afrikan People, beloved!!!

Black Afrikans allow any and everybody to come and tell us what we once knew about Divinely, there is whatever that needs to be known about, Black Afrikans have the mental potential to know about, be it Climate Change, Environmental change or Mental Change.

So you see, that white racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being have Black Afrikans believing about any and everything Black Afrikans believe about what is going to happen in the motion of this Earth rotating revolving cycle when at once upon a time Black Afrikans had a physical dynamic association with the physical Universe being a part of it and now we allow this racist Luciferian Human Being come along and reconstruct the pattern of our Mental activity.

A Child is not qualified to lead such a complex confusing nonthinking Black World today, a world that is with the same type of mind that believes that Jesus is their God Son and he is coming to save our Black behind, until then, Jesus is going to allow the Black child lead Black Afrikan people, oh no beloved, your wisdom is not going to come from some kind of magical performance coming from a child, your salvation is depended upon the Wisdom Time has bestowed upon you through and by living experiences, which is the Master Teacher of us all!!!

Whatever the child says respect it and weigh it carefully but the child's responsibility is not to take care nor lead your Black behind out of this mess of your believing behind has gotten your Black behind in, that is our responsibility Black Woman and Man!!!

So, Black Afrikans need to get away from all of the psycho Drama Lucifer has instilled in the Mind of Black Folks about who is qualified to point the way to Black Afrikans how to conquer the evil that has ahold of our Mind today, a mind Lucifer inserted so to keep our Black behind confused and bedded down in his religious belief!!!

All that comes from Lucifer Religious Bible is full of lies and proses of deception, all in that bible is there to deceive and attract you to Lucifer Religion and Religion Foundation is Believe and a believing mind is a Demon to Black Afrikan People and the Matured Among Black Afrikan people is with the responsibility to teach to inform and lead our young children about and away from the ways and wiles of that white racist devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being, beloved!!!

So, if there is any change to come to the way Black Afrikans live and believe today, then the wise among us Black Afrikans have the responsibility to point the way to Freedom for the Black Afrikan World and Afrika to be for the Black Afrikans.

But Oh No, Black Afrikans do not "want" to learn what is needed to be known again by Black Afrikan people, so what do we Black Afrikans Do, we wrap our profane mind in the fantasy of pretense and ignore that information that requires a serious thinking mind so to innerstand what is Divinely True and what is profanely a Lie, the Lies are what rule the mind of Black Afrikans today and a mind of lies respect not the need to become Free beloved!!

Climate Does Not Change The Condition Of The Climate May vary according to the Environment on Earth, beloved,

There will always be a Summer, Fall, Winter, And Spring As Long As The Earth Keep Rotating and Revolving, when not, then know that this solar system is at its end.

Divine Respect
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