Chief Elder Osiris : I have Been Treated As A Slave To Long For Me to Not Be Free

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    I have Been Treated As A Slave To Long For Me to Not Be Free

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    When It come to certain level of Black People claiming to be American, you doing so, consciously ignorantly, then it does not matter what quality of information come along verifying our status and spirit in America, and in the world in general.

    In the mind of a willing slave, there is not the desire to be free, because the slave mind lead the slave to believe that the slave is free, based upon the material goods the slavemaster allows certain slaves to accumlate for purpose to use, because in the world of a slave, the slave own nothing, not even the life of the slave.

    A slave love to deal with problems, but never solutions, because in the mind of a slave, freedom is not an option, because the slave been a slave so long until the slave believe the slave is already free.

    So, when ever you are dealing with a slave mentality, facts about the slave enslavement serve not to be of interest to the slave that has been a slave to long not to be free, because to a slave, freedom from a slave belief, will serve as a detriment to the slave and not an advantage.

    The slave grows in the habit of wanting to depend upon others for the life of a slave survival, and the slave do not want to hear or to know about what the slave has come to believe about the slave life, because the slave is of a mind that teach the slave, that the slave been a slave to long to not be free from the environment in which the slave is led to believe that the slave, is free.

    Black people of America love the position that they are in today in America and they have no want to hear or know of anything that will trheaten their Black life illusion, concerning the Black American life status in America, and the world.

    You will find that, such a lack of concern for Black people needing to be free and only among those Black people who operate under the illusion that after being a slave so long, lead the slave to subscribe to the notion, that being a slave so long, the slave must be free, knowing full well that nothing by the slave has ever been done to secure the slave freedom.

    Such a quality of Black People operate with a mind that foster ignorant intelligence, which will cause you to believe, if you been something so long, then what you are, must be what you are meant to be, and associate such a long status as a slave with being the status of being free, and if not, the slave rationalize the slave mentality to be that way.

    Therefore, after being a slave for so long, the slave end up believing the slave to be free, and that illusion of freedom become that of the slave perception of reality, to a slave mentality.

    Black people have been a slave so long, until anything that come along and contradict all that the slavemaster has taught the slave, the mind of the slave is always set to automatically reject, and arrogantly deny that which is Divinely True in revealing the lies and deception that the Mind of a slave has come to be well acquainted with and fully accept to be the truth of the slave mentality about freedom.

    Because in the mind of the slave, it tell the slave that after being a slave for so long, the slave has been made to believe freedom is being a slave and it is the slave that resolve to do nothing to secure what is considered to be in the slave possession, which is freedom.

    The mind of a slave tell the slave that the slave has been a slave to long for the slave not to be free and the slave do nothing but do what is neccessary to remain a slave.

    A slave mentality does not know what to look for in identifying a leader for the slave, because in the slave mind, the leader is who tell the slave what make the slave happy in being a slave and even the ignorant intelligent slave, in all of their intellectual maneuvering, never give a solution to becoming free, to the slave, because in the slave mind, the slave has been a slave to long not to be free.

    When in a slave mentality and in a slave environment, it is not wise to discuss openly the steps needed to be taken to secure the slave freedom, so it is the slave with ignorant intelligence that become the public rabble rouser, presenting with a slave mentality, information to the slave without soloutions to free the mind of the slave.

    To leave such a task to the ignorant intelligent slave, the conclusion will be, that Black people have been a slave to long not to be free, so the slave mind is fed slave information, claiming that the slave is now free in America and all that need to be done is to become more of a slave in America to verify the freedom of a Black American slave.

    Slave mentality of the Black American, is in a comfort zone, and is now at a level where it does not even identify with freedom, all that the slave mentality of the Black ignorant intelligence slave want in America, is a change in the way America treat the Black slave.

    so a change that will verify the Black slave mentality toward freedom, is the change that, after being a slave for so long in America, will have the slave to not want to become free from America, which the slave believe will serve to the slave detriment, so in the slave mind, to be a slave in America is to be free.

    So until the Black Nationalist Garveyite come to realize that the slave mentality of Black people, is that of being a slave in America and that the course the Black Mind of a slave, now travel, is the mind that despise Afrika and does not inform the Slave Black Mentality about the power in the unity of a Black Afrikans Nation that is in pursuit to become Free from America, in Afrika, and in the Mind thoughts of the Black Afrikan.

    Serious strategy to be used to secure the Freedom of Afrika and Black Afrikan People, the wise among us should know, is not to be discussed over this Imternet or in open public meeting nor over radio and TV Shows, serious discussion is done in the secrete of the Black Nationalist Closet of serious Black Nationalist Garvey Fraternityship.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Chief elder Osiris,
    I have found that it is difficult for most people to see or feel beyond their experiences. Many, perhaps most people in the so called developed world don’t know what it is to be free. Truly free. Most have been indoctrinated into a live of servitude. Here in the U.S. we call it citizenship. We are to do our duty for our country and contribute toward the nation’s well being. Even if the so called nation is exploiting us every way it can, starting with unrepresented taxes. Because we go about doing what others do, are suppose to do, we seldom take the time to question if that is the best way of doing things (schools, work, church, marriage).

    To over simplify it. Humans are not, can’t be truly free, when they are governed by an out side group of people. Only by living in a self governing body ( group, tribe, clan), with our own rules can we (all) be free living people. If humans don’t control every aspect of their life’s they can not be truly free.

    I thank you for this tread.

    AXE! Corvo
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    Black people were never slaves, they were hostages first, and later (during the civil war) political prisoners. After the so called "Emancipation" they were victims of terror. There's no reason for unknown "white people" to physically enslave black people only today. They figured out a long time ago that it's more profitable to enslave as many people as you can and let the common white people believe they don't share the same fate. The enlightened of all races know that. As far as black people being an asset to any struggle at this moment, wether it be fighting against the new world order or against this imaginary racial enslavement...


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    If you believe you're free, feel free, act free, and live free you probably are free. But if someone tells you you're still a slave and you must work with (for) them to gain your freedom you are no longer free.

    There are slaves of every color in America but not all blacks in America are slaves.