Black Poetry : I have a Dream!!!


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Apr 6, 2001
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I have a dream.
Like so many do.
That this world will be a better place!!!
For ME!!!
And For YOU!!!

I have a dream....
That all will be at peace.
And all will love each other.
and grow successfully!!!!

I have a dream...
That we'll stop criticizing...
We'll open up our arms...
and start compromising!!!!

I have dream...
To clean up the sea...
and put bathrooms on the streets...
for the homeless to pee.

I have a dream...
To stop all the brutality...
Everyone must be analyze...
To see their mentality!!!

I have a dream like so many do.
To make this a safer place for me and for you!!!
Our world is in corruption...
Which will soon be destroyed...
and reborn into a new evolution.
Through the transfusion of ourself righteousness and wrong doings....

Who is suing government?
Who or what will be the next experiment?

I have a dream....
To make this a safer place for you and me!!!
this joynt...

in it's simplicity
emotionally gets to me
'cause i share your dream
rather than take a single effort
let's attack it as a team
make changes
in the streets
behind a desk
positive change
is positive change
and love for mankind
won't allow me to rest.

enjoyed this NEAK.

ya boi DP2G
So as DP2g once said...
as my poem he just read...
let make this dream come true...
together and a team
me and you...
behind a desk...
in the court...
playing all those olympic sports.

and Rich is so said the words....
lets pray for our boys and girls...
so let stop all dhat yappen
and make this thing happen...

DP2g: I'm glad you liked it. We can do great things as a team

OneLove: thanks...i have so many dreams. I'm sure you have plenty you would like to share too.

Rich: with God we can do all things. And with his strength and words of wisdom combined with our willingness to do good in this world. We can truly make a difference!!!


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