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    I Have A Dream
    Re-Mix Martin Luther King
    Author Jacqueline Amos

    I have made it to the mountains, my spirit shall return
    Let man spirits of thoughts be the future of tomorrow,
    Spirits of thoughts, the birth of wisdom,
    Spirituality, Understandings, Creations, life, death, love.
    Cries Of Earth, cries of thy Sons. God that lives among us all.
    The evolution of men, the man,
    the great tool of civilization,
    which he stands.

    Deterring, the responsibilities of mankind,
    the one, who stands behind,
    the treasures, of wisdom knowledge,
    and understanding of great love.
    Sanctuary of all Gods begging,
    the honor which is given to God,
    not taking any glory for self,
    sing the glory, of one creator,
    which is our God.

    Words not needed, the human kindness,
    of the spirits that have given there lives,
    as Jesus, Martin , Malcolm, Medgar,
    Huey, Rapp Brown, faceless warriors ,
    brotherhood who continues to make great men,
    and pass the torch.

    I shall return until the mission is complete.

    It is not man on the mountain ,
    but the mountain ,
    within the heart,
    Oh I have traveled the world,
    the glory of peace and love.
    Intellectual compelling of who’s who,
    and its contributions of the earth,
    spiritual laws, which feel my cup of the universe,
    precondition of man,
    which thirst for God’s throne,
    holy retellings,
    without fulfillment of the soul.

    My eyes are blinded,
    by the rising of love,
    the mighty the power,
    has no honor, if the light,
    has no halo of its thoughts.
    There are many of great wisdom,
    knowledge of God.

    Labels have no entry.
    In my God’s house.
    You are not judged,
    by the sanctuary of your temple,
    upon the earth,
    great men are the spoken words,
    of Gods Love.

    The turning of the door,
    the lights that shines,
    the light that brightens,
    in the creators eyes,
    its not for man to do for self,
    the ego’s must be left.

    Within a shell,
    releasing the glorification of man,
    Only the spoken words of God.
    Highly accessible, of the spoken words,
    preconditions, of holy dwellings A wise man,
    claims no glory, the tool which is used,
    the making of great men,
    philosophical speeches,
    attaining spoken words,
    empowerment of understanding,
    delivering great love.

    I the mouth , the spoken words of God’s Love,
    I the hand, the opening of the Universe,
    I the feet the battle field,
    that cries let my people go.
    Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

    Accepting missions within self.
    Conventional understanding,
    no power over the initiated realms of Gods grace.

    Moses the humble and the meek.
    A man who lead great nations,
    the tool of Gods house.
    The energy, that revolves the energy,
    the manifestation of great warriors.
    The spirits that create great men ,
    must first start from the heart,
    and the womb will declare its just rewards,
    the deliverance from heaven.
    Sacred place to God.

    Meditation the solutions of leaders,
    the balancing of the spirit an flesh.
    Moses’ who was enslaved by nations,
    the color of his skin,
    un-balancing the spirit from the flesh, which we all play apart.
    Powerful images, great leaders,

    To raise one self, confidence in others ,
    holy dwellings until eternity.
    Man needs no leaders, man must lead self.

    I prophesized a dream,
    that shall be the legacy of this earth,
    I the son the prophet,
    the son of my fathers house.

    Mass conformity,
    foundation of intellectual liberty,
    political correct retrieve,
    rages of liberalism,
    what absorb superficiality to imitate,
    civilization and politics go hand to hand,
    antidote to mass political stupidly,
    I cry the blood.

    Wide spread delusions ,
    complying with formalities,
    which is not ordained by God’s laws.
    Subsiding to the warriors of hell.
    Conversions of destruction,
    who speaks for great love.

    It is the foundation of greater are less,
    shares of beauty,
    in the principality of great wealth,
    Veils of black emotions, spirits rising,
    Oh thou raise you to the heavens,
    the trumpets march through the rain,
    the dazzle of great songs,
    signify their own themes,
    Passions ridden minds,
    the silence of pure love,
    Legions that rise upon my feet,
    hallelujah the spirits sings,
    Countenance of angels ,
    walk with the intellectual,
    pursuits, divisional universe,
    black gold I give back to you.

    Copywriter 12/2002
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    Continuously humbled by these words

    "precondition of man,
    which thirst for God’s throne,
    holy retellings,
    without fulfillment of the soul."

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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    this is well written

    you in BK huh?

    where you be?