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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
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but some of you already know that I will be leaving the forum for a minute as well. My trek back to the East coast begins in a few days so I've started to "pull down the shades" in my beautiful big room that Mama Destee picked out specially for me since I always complained about the hard ol' cots in the temporary shelter. :lol:

I want all whom I have come in contact with to know that it's been an honor to scribe along side some of the most talented brothas and sistahs on the planet.

Along with my eventual migration back East, a few other personal challenges face this brotha that I will have to deal with (nothing too serious - but challenging nonetheless) so the "rebirth of my flow" back unto Destee's may be delayed for a minute longer than I anticipated.

Know that GQ loves each and every one of you, respects your worth, and looks forward to a festive reunion!!!

I will end this post just as brotha Blakverb did without use of my psuedonym "GQ" to let you all feel me as your true brotha in scribe who be...


You leaving too!!! What is up with all this...why every bouncing out!!! Well God Bless and be safe on your Journey. I stay around the east coast so if you're ever lost or just need a poet to scribe with. I'm right here. Atlanta or VA...i travel between the two from time to time...Especially the ATL though. I'll be here if ya need me!!

My mail is or you can get my other one online in my profile...


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