Black Poetry : I got skid marks in my poetic drawls today


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Mar 24, 2005
Virginia Beach,Va
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I got skid marks in my poetic drawls..

Yall know last night i took a.. dump last night.
I know what yall thinkin,
eww... what she took a dump last night...
Yea, i did... I dumped my heart and soul
into a wonderful ballad of poetry,
I cried some tears,
straining to get this one out,
pained me to release.. and let it go,
Yall know how emotional that can be,
I went to take a look at what i had accomplished,
and there was nothing to be found,
no trace.. it was gone.
All of my 20 min of pain,
and emotional torture gone,
all because i blinked and forgot to save it.
I flushed that..
turned the light out in the room,
and figured it to be lost to the bowl
of never ending crap.. wherever it goes.
I went to sleep..
and you know what..
that poem came to me..
I got up that morning..
and searched to recover the file
that had been lost..
and there it was..
a skid mark..
in my memory..
deleted but not defeated..
and that's when this poem came to me.
Skid marks in my poetic drawls..
this wasn't what it seemed to be..
thank yall for sitting back,
and learning what this means to me.

special thanks to brother Lazzy.. aKa Lazarus,
who reminded me of this untypical approach at poetry.


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