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    :eek: I got laid off Thursday! I've been suffering and struggling there for several years now. three years ago I was on the promotion list. Then my sponcer lost favor, left the company and I was set adrift, not recognized for my contributions or gifts. They always seemed willing to ask me to do that little something extra. It's hard for me to say "no". Old habits die hard.
    I can't tell you how hurt and angry I feel right now. The things I am most grateful for are the friends that are rallying around me. I was also very lucky that a friend introduced me to the business world about 3 years ago. While network marketing is not easy (what business where you need self motivation is), the training system exposed me to ideas I can use going forward. The first thing I know is that I need to diversify my income.

    I'm involved with a group that has formed a co-op on the Internet where we pool our resources (buying power) and command a share of the profits. We have over 30K members in the year since we formed. We have 3 major lines (health supplements, body care and home cleaning products) as well as a growing number of partner stores and sites. It's called “Team In Focus”. We're at Email me if you want more information. If you like what you see and want to register right away, my IBC# is 1112310. You will need it to register for the 10% or 15% discount and to get paid to shop!

    I'm also a Longaberger Basket Independent Consultant. I think these handmade baskets are great and the marketing plan for the company is nothing short of brilliant! These handcrafted baskets and home wares will add a touch of warmth to any decor. Along with shopping for all the lasted collectable and utility baskets and home wares, the site also outlines the home show business opportunity. Shop with me at:

    I sold Tupperware but the corporation sold out the independent sales force, taking the product to retail stores.

    I'm also buying gold collectable coins to offset my dismal return in the stock market.

    I think the thing that is going to save me fast is my real estate investing. I’m buying property in Chicagoland and Greensboro, NC maybe even Atlanta.

    If you have any ideas on what I should do next, please let me know. I know it is the community that will see me through this transition.

    You know, it's funny; I started telling people about a month ago that I was leaving my job in June. I got my husband's support (even though I'm the major wage earner, bringing home 2/3 of the family income! I really love that man). The phrase: "be careful what you ask for..." comes to mind. But I've known for sometime now that my job was holding me back and I have big work to do here on the planet. My life's mission: "A planet that works for everyone! Love, Joy & Peace
    With your support and prayers, I know I will accomplish my mission.
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    lend me some sugar.. l am your neighbor
    sounds to me you have it together... :toast:
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    indeed keep ya head up and u have it together as
    u act on it ......peace