Black Poetry : I Go


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Oct 4, 2003
On automatic pilot I
fathoms above, yet
dredging below
what I've come to know

I go in between layers
of thoughts so deep
The highs of hope that cause joyous laughter
and the lows of impossibilities that make me weep

I'd imagine
that my eyes go downward and to the left
Like fall, yellow and green blend in with brown
Settling into autumn, the spirit of summer, bereft

Surprised that I don't go limp
just pass out and go over yonder
to another dimension, perhaps I could better get
a grip upon all these thoughts that I ponder
Maybe a different frequency would adjust me fonder

And with all this
It's a new day
As I put my foot forward, ok not my best one
Still, I attempt to find my way
As I go....
I think everyone is appointed their time and space...and nothing ever stays the same for long, as we each have our "New" day...that's just for us.
So keep putting your best foot/either foot it dosen't matter as long as you keep moving your foot, it's when we grow tired and sit down...that the door/new day is right before us.
^5 ...on this piece sis!


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