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Mar 19, 2001
You think fear
sleeps next to me
sleeps with me
that my "blak"shuns
are precluded by
notions of fear that
freezes me
that I live the life
of a statue misplaced
in the park where
lovers break the law
exposing themselves
to each other and
inadvertantly to me
yet, I have seen
love in it's nakedness
kissed it on it's moist cheek
and made love to love
'til she came and
blessed the world with
an Obsidian cupid

I fear not love
I fear that love for me
right now in between these
sweeping second hands
will not find me the way
I see it

my eyes are jaded not
with "False Events Appearing Real"
but the numbness of my fingertips
to touch so
feeling you would be impossible
and to love you / feel you
I must /

and right now I only have
four senses.

(c)2001 blakverb


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