Black Poetry : I Don't Want You... I Need You... (For A Relationship)


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Mar 27, 2001
(Ladies, please tell me I'm not the only one that's been through this)

[size=large]I don't want you... simply agree with, and relate to, me
-with every intention
of relating with me-
when I express, to you,
that I'm simply not ready
[for a relationship].
I don't want you... tell me what it is,
you assume, I'd like to hear
so that I might (suddenly) see you
in a different light
and -mystically- become ready
(for a relationship).
I don't want you... comfort me,
based on the grounds of pursuit;
but, because you genuinely
feel the need to;
subduing, any, feelings of fondness
until it's evident that they are reciprocal
and it's "just time"
(for a relationship).
I need you...
...not, to rush
the maturation process
that is our frienship
(so that it may become intimate)
but, to let fate's photosynthesis
take it's course; from the soil
that is our current foundation,
to the garden
that may be our future's potential.
I don't want you... want me intimately,
but platonically.
I need you... need my friendship,
and understand that, though
we all wish to trip
over the boundaries
we place over our hearts
-from time to time-
so that we may fall in love;
it's, more than, okay to wait
(for a relationship).[/size]
I think we have all been there!

It is a wonderful premise , with absolutely sterling qualities.
But often devoid of passion. I don't label ya intentions.
I just think we should also be open to the spontanaeity that
can be found when two spirits genuinely connect!
I did enjoy the scribe! I however tend to lead with my heart
and so far as I am concerned, nothing ventured nothing earned!


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