Black Poetry : I Don't Trust Anymore


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Dec 19, 2005
You know what I don’t trust anymore?
I don’t trust the church that hurts me more than the world does
Or the descriptions of political positions
That’s trying to win my favor for the 2008 elections
I don’t trust big cities, big countries, or people with big money
Because they’re cared about more than me
I don’t trust white people…I don’t trust black people
All equal in God’s eyes, but lethal to each other’s pride and
I don’t trust tradition because it makes no room for improvement
Thus, I don’t trust the constitution
Since it didn’t protect my ancestors from the slave movement
And cops can go to hell
With the court system as their ticket
I would plan a picnic, but I don’t trust the weather
Because it constantly changes while humanity stays the same
I don’t trust academics because it doesn’t promise me success
I surely don’t trust words because
They don’t worry about my best interest
You know what I don’t trust anymore?
I don’t trust pretty smiles, or puppy dog eyes
Television commercials, or fairy tale alibis
I don’t trust MacDonald’s super sizes, fluctuating gas prices
And I don’t expect the national guard to be early during a crisis
I don’t trust poor people with fancy cars
Because it’s obvious they’ve become comfortable where they are
I don’t trust certain family members on the holidays
Or people in big vehicles on the highways
Since nowadays, everything is a race, yet we aren’t going anywhere
I don’t trust the White House, the U.N, Congress, or the Senate
And who’s there to investigate the CIA?
Instead of a bible, who’d rather open up face book?
Take a look at your life on my space
Replace doctor’s medicine with the healing of faith
Because I can’t take that chance with the judgment of man
I don’t trust kids, and I don’t trust my father
I don’t trust cell phones, and I don’t trust drinking water
And even though, I’ve had so many trust issues…
I trusted you and I loved you
Because you were a victim of this world like I was
Torn between love and decorated promises
Deception and denial, intuition and reality
Reborn into pain at the funeral of honesty
Because honesty has been dead for a long time
Mentally redesigned and baptized in regret
Sometimes you forget about your past
Once someone new appears and they can share
The same goals of your repair and
I swear, the best way to heal from someone is with someone
And then a revolutionary relationship can begin
When there are two veterans of war, starting at the same end
You’ve been hurt? I’ve been hurt too!
Time to make a new love as I grow into you
And shed away from our past trust issues
Then with this kind of love
I could give a **** of anything else in the world
Because nothing else even mattered
But now I have a question
If you’ve been such a victim
To the same kinds of lies and words that shattered me
Then why as I let my guard down
You turned around and hurt me
So therefore, I can’t trust love anymore

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