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Mar 19, 2001
There she is and I don't know
why I...lose my breath...she
has me searchin' for it on sandy
shores after the tide has receded
from blessing starfish and stones
that....kids will skip and watch their
dreams dance on the ripples......
I don't know why I lose my breath
when I see her...I don't know why
I want to hold her I don't know
why I want to kiss her from head
to soul to heat from cold...103 degree
feverish bliss and just get lost
somewhere....with her....it doesn't
matter where...I don't know why
she has hostaged my thoughts and
writes them down in "she"roglyphics
on slabs of granite that she
placed on the hill overlooking a sea
of chrysanthemums that flowed to
her breath....I don't know why...they seemed
to enjoy her caresses as she lived
and told a story with her calm breathing...
that touched me somewhere...I don't know
where...but I felt it...I don't know why.

(c)2001 blakverb


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