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Jan 22, 2001
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Hello Everyone,

Some time ago MsLuciousB brought to everyone's attention that there seemed to be some "cliquing" going on in the house. I was shocked! Since that time, Sherykah has said that there are "cliques" in our house?!! I'm shocked again. Then, I started paying closer attention ... still didn't see anything that would make me think "clique" but I am kinda slow to notice such things because I've never been clique material and don't easily recognize them. Well, recently $$RICH$$ posted in another forum that new Members are joining us but they aren't getting any love! :nono:

We have so much love to give. Oftentimes, that's all we have to give each other, is love. Let us not forsake it. Yall know our home is built on love and yall also know that it's not easy to pour your heart out on a new page and not receive love and encouragement back. That's crushing, especially when you see love flowing in every other direction.

Rather than thinking clique, I think that the regulars here, have been here so long they don't remember what it's like to be new (they are all pretty old, except me!) :) So please, don't count it against our hearts, for there is much love in us.

To all the new Family Members, please know that we are not a clique, we are a Family which you are now a part of. You are as welcome as our oldest Member. I'm confident that the Family will second me on this.
If they don't ... I will :court: them! :)

Family, can we all make a conscious effort to show more love to the new poets that join us? Please?

I promise to do my part.

Your comments are welcome, both new and old Family Members.

Thanks a Bunch.




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Mar 8, 2002
Hello Destee and New Family , Just want to let you all know that I have felt welcomed here, I think I am fairly new still,and will continue to post. I do notice some special friendships between the members but "a woman my age", doesn't really take it personal. But I can not speak of course for the younger set, but if my recollects are still working about myself as I was when a bit younger, it probably would have bothered me back then.


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Aug 20, 2002
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queen destee.

don't pay any attention to sherrie... you know she's
special. :lol: but serious-ly... i'm with you! & i'll do
whatever it takes to make things run as smoov-ly as
possible. but! what new folks need to realize is
that you can't just jump on the board & start posting
your Whole poetry book (5 & 6 pieces at a time) &
expect us... who know Nothing about you to instantly
read & respond to ALL of them... Just because You're
new. even the folks who i know & enjoy reading immensely
will get a response to one piece at a time... even if they
post 3 in a day. this poetry board thing is based on
reciprocity & all things being equal. i would NEVER go
to a new board & not respond to posts before expecting
to be responded to... it's just good manners as well as
a way to establish a rapport with the other poets. i mean
would you visit someone's home for the first time & prop
your feet up on the coffee table, take control of the remote
& drink all the kool-aid?? :lol:

there are a lot of family members... who i know that
personally feel the same way... so... now i've said it. :)

alwayspeace&Love, y'all.


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Apr 2, 2001
i agree with ELAYNE JAWJA SUNSHYYYNE! about the posts.

let me come with my own. i try to read as many poems as i can but somedays i'm not feelin it and i want to read someone i know who's gonna feed me, and i'll reply. when i see like 5 poems from one person, i usually just choose one of those. sometimes i read it and don't get it, i choose not to reply. sometimes i read it and it don't flow right for me, i'm not going to reply. i'm not passin on any negativity, nor am i going to critique someone's skill... therefore, i'm gonna keep bein me, just like sherykah said. i still love er'rybody. :grouphug: i know my stuff ain't always felt like that and there's no love lost! :spinstar:


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Aug 1, 2001
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Fam - A poet is a strange bird

part eagle - for he/she seeks to soar above the natural elements of poetry and carve his/her own niche into ancient skies (as if the words we write have never been written)...

and part chicken - we find comfort in the yard with those who look like us, walk like us, cluck like us but don't hatch the same eggs.

so don't be distrubed by a lack of participation. it's difficult to get the support without if first being in the hearts of the masses.

don't be disheartened - this, the site, the spoken word live, the anthology to come is a good thing!!!!


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Oct 7, 2002
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We are human and we tend to follow what we are used too, thank you for saying it is ok to go out side the "box".....


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Mar 23, 2001
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Right. Right.

I dig it all... but I must admit that people who post 3-8 poems at one time are a huge turnoff for me! normally I won't even look their way, howeva I have been reading everyone and must say that there are some brilliant people on this board!

peeps who post like that cheat themselves, the readers, and other poets who are posting!!! they are cheated because from what i've noticed they are excellent poets but they dont give their work time to sink into the reader because they (the reader) may feel pressured to read them all thus missing the point of all of them or meshing them together...

Also they cheat the rest of the poets on the board who wanna be read/seen... somedays you can post a poem in the morning and it's on page 2 or 3 by evening cause 2 or 3 poets posted 8 poems at one time... that aint right. which may be why the new fam isn't getting the attention they deserve, cause we dont see it!

All in all I agree with what's been said, just had to drop my 2 pennies on it...

I dig it all


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Aug 1, 2001
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Reas - i never really thought of it like that. i really don't intend to flood and thereby block my new fam. whow - i need to consider that.

consider also - like me - i write in spurts. probably 3 -10 poems at a time. sometimes is may happen weekly cause i have challenged myself to produce 3-5 new pieces for each new show (griot has a bi-weekly spokenword show). now by many standards, that may not be good, but i like to keep a fresh edge on the show.

i certainly don't post them all, as you can see from the number of posts i have active - but i agree and will be careful not to flood the boards this week. but **** i almost did! I'll try to keep it to 1 or 2 per day vs. 10


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Mar 26, 2001
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my bad

as ex exclaimed, we all are human and tend to sometimes set in our ways. Most times when i visit here i look at the names and read what who is most familiar to me. I will make an honest attempt to not do that. I'll be an equal opportunity reader.


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