Black People : I Don't Believe That A SICK Country Can Give Oppressed People Reparations, But....

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    Here is a movement:

    National Reparations Rally
    47th Street & First Avenue
    New York City, NY

    Saturday, September 13, 2003 12pm


    Masters of Ceremonies
    Bob Law & Omowale Clay

    Viola Plummer
    Dr. Ron Walters
    NYC Councilman Charles Barron
    NYC Councilman Leroy Comrie
    Dr. Conrad Worrill

    Elombe Brath

    Update on Federal Court Reparations Cases
    Attys. Roger Wareham & Lionel Jean Baptiste

    Special Invited Guests
    Atty Charles Ogletree & Minister Louis Farrakhan

    International Guests
    Zimbabwe, Libya, Angola, Cuba,
    Namibia, and Nigeria

    State Organizers from
    Chicago, Mississippi, New York,
    New Jersy, Georgia, Pennsylvania,
    California, Michigan, South Carolina,
    Connecticut, and more!

    Solidarity Statements from
    Thomas Ruffin, Attorney, Wash. DC
    Al Pertilla, NYC N'COBRA
    Larry Hamm, Peoples Organization for Progress, NJ
    Aprila Raiford, Pan African Liberation Movement
    Nekel, PAM, NJ
    Michael Hooper, Roots Revisited

    Which Way Forward...
    Long March Through The Black Belt South
    Coltrane Chimurenga

    International Cultural Presentations
    John Watusi Branch
    Louis REyes Rivera
    Welfare Poets
    Khalil Al-Mustafa

    Sponsors (partial listing)
    December 12th Movement, National Black United Front, Durban 400, United Black Men of Queens Mentoring Program, CEMOTAP, African Poetry Theater, St. Albans Congregational church, Drammeh Institute, Muslims for Reparations, Youth For Reparations, The Code, People's Organization for Progress (Newark NJ), All African Peoples Revolutionary Party, Clinton Hill South Ward Improvement Association, Patrice Lumumba Coalition, Committee to Honor Black Heroes, Africans Helping Africans, Black Vets for Social Justice, Friends of Zimbabwe, Operations Human Rights (Birmingham AL), House of the Lord Church - Cush Fellowship (Columbus SC), Africa Is My Home, New Haven Reparations Coalition (New Haven CT), House of the Lord Church (Brooklyn, NY), Atlanta Agust 17th (Atlanta GA), NYC - N'COBRA, Black Telephone Worker for Justice (Newark NJ), Pan African Liberation Movement, Nation of Islam, S.E.E.D.S...Partial listing.

    To become a sponsoring group or individual call (718) 398-1766

    For more information contact:

    456 Nostrand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    Phone (718) 398-1766
    Fax (718) 623-1855
    [email protected]


    National Reparations Rally
    Saturday, September 13, 2003
    47th Street & 1st Avenue, NYC

    The Road to the United Nations National Reparations Rally

    In 2001, the United Nations World Conference against Racism declared the trans Atlantic slave trade, slavery, and colonialism crimes against humanity. A National Reparations Rally will be held at the United Nations (47th St & 1st Ave) on Saturday, September 13, 2003 at 12pm to demand that the criminals pay for their crimes against humanity.

    The Millions for Reparations (MFR) organizing committee will bring together African reparations advocates in the US, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, and take the WCAR Pan African reparations mandate to the streets!

    The MFR mobilization effort was initiated by the Durban 400, a grassroots delegation from the United States, at the World Conference against Racism (WCAR), held in Durban South Africa in September 2001. Led by the December 12th Movement International Secretariat and the National Black United Front, the Durban 400 is committed to making slavery reparations a mass grassroots issue. Last year's historic Reparations rally in Washington DC drew thousands from over 30 states to the first mass rally for reparations to be held in the United States.

    At the WCAR, the Durban 400 relentlessly lobbied African and Caribbean national delegates holding votes in the conference on three key issues: (1) The declaration of the Trans Atlantic slave trade and slavery as crimes against humanity; (2) Establishing the economic roots of racism and (3) Reparations.

    The conference proved to be grueling. The debate on politics and language became fierce and words became weapons. Western delegates were intransigent and tried to pressure many developing nations to compromise in backroom brawls. Undaunted, delegate after delegate stood in steeled Pan African Unity. Algeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cuba, Namibia, Barbados, Belize, Tanzania, Gambia, and many others vociferously condemned the Trans Atlantic Slave trade and slavery as crimes against humanity and demanded reparations.

    When the United States government's delegation realized that a Pan African united front was concretizing they staged a high profile walk out. The rest of the world went on to make history without them. The final declaration of the WCAR clearly states that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and slavery are crimes against humanity and recommended compensation from nations that perpetrated these crimes.

    For Africans in the US, the WCAR was the culmination of years of struggle in the United Nations international arena. Following in the foot steps of William Patterson and Malcolm X, the December 12th Movement International Secretariat, a non governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has participated in the Commission on Human Rights since 1989, representing 40 million Africans in the United States. The Secretariat has established firm ties and alliances with nations and international organizations around the world. Their consistent and persistent work has resulted in the pivotal hearings on racism in the United States conducted by the UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, Maurice Glele in 1994 in Harlem NY.

    Further, the Secretariat was instrumental in organizing hearings on human rights abuses in the US criminal justice system / death penalty conducted by UN Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Bacre Waly Ndiaye in 1997 in Brooklyn NY. The December 12th Movement IS has participated in many international conferences and was instrumental in the call for the third United Nations World Conference Against Racism 2001.

    The National Black United Front (NBUF) is an organization made up of concerned and committed individuals and organizations who have united to assume responsibility for working and leading the struggle for a better life for themselves and their children. The Black United Front is a broad-based organization, which includes all social, political, religious and cultural sections of the Black community.

    With the birth of the NBUF in June of 1980, the vision of building an organization that would represent the various elements of the Black community became a reality. Some 1500 Black people from 35 states and five countries came together to form a "united front." In the space of only five and half years, NBUF grew from five local chapters to over 18 certified local chapters and a presence in 40 cities nationwide. Since 1980, NBUF and its various chapters have dealt with, most notably, quality education for Black children, police and Black community relations, electoral politics, women's affairs, economic development, housing and international affairs.

    The reparations movement is rapidly gaining momentum in the United States and around the world. This fundamental and critical issue may prove to be the catalyst of change in the African struggle for human rights, in the 21st century.


    For Information contact:
    Millions for Reparations
    456 Nostrand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    Phone 718-398-1766
    Fax 718-623-1855
    [email protected]

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    Repirations are wrong

    Hi Im new here and just found the site. In plain words repirations are wrong! The only purpose repirations will have is to give us reason to rely on the government (the Dems) to solve all of our issues. And keep in mind, repirations means NO MORE RACISM! So if you get your repirations and are discriminated against you have NO CASE because you are receiveing repirations for hundreds of years of slavery, racism, victims of corporate America and whatever other excuses that our Black groups come up with.

    Slavery was wrong, don't misunderstand me. Repirations are just a hip method to try and address some issue of why we shouldn't be doing for ourselves and relying on ourselves.

    What da yall think?
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    (RF) Technician
    ( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU

    " And keep in mind, reparations means NO MORE RACISM! So if you get your reparations and are discriminated against you have NO CASE because you are receiving reparations for hundreds of years of slavery, racism, victims of corporate America and whatever other excuses that our Black groups come up with. "

    I find it hard to believe you do believe this.

    See you see this as a DEM and REPUB issue. It's not politics. It's
    something due. Your not going to turn down the check the president sent to some for the tax break.

    " We should be doing for ourselves and relying on ourselves. "

    Explain this. How do you suggest we do this?

    We had business in the thirtys. They were burned down. We had land and farms. They were stolen. We had homes and the right to vote in 1865.

    It was taken and stolen. All with the blessing of those DEM's and REPUB's in CONGRESS. Looking the other way.

    You see this as a hand out. It's is far from that. AMERICA has never apologized for the act. Would a formal apology do. It might.
    The healing starts with one. Have you ever told someone you were sorry for hurting them. Most that can't still suffer more than the one's they hurt.

    But you won't get one. they say.. but we changed things. Only after we marched and protested and scared the life out of their fight and stubborn ways.

    I have one eye closed.. something here isn't right. I'M GETTING A WEIRD READ. Youre not pinning down a topic with a straight arrow. I read one of your post. Then another. You make some sound points.. keep it up.

    Walk with your people. No one should walk alone. Look around you. If you don't need it. Lets have that choice to say. I don't want it. Then all the peole like you who feel it is shameful.. or would bring us down. Can choose.

    I would use my check to open a business. If I had tax free status for twenty years that woud be enough. Did you know there are certain people and groups that recieve tax exempt staus. i'm not talkingabout Native Americans and Churches.. but citizens. i'm still working on just who all get his benefit. There is a party we haven't been invited to. It's a CITIZENSHIP PARTY.

    Do you think the amendments gave you citizenship? Why did we need that. It isn't a solid document Jay.

    Honestly. Look around. Can the Ghetto's of America go any lower. Yes.. but I won't stand for it. You shouldn't either. There are still people suffering.

    If one man is suffering we all suffer. Do you not know you are tied to the chains you were given at birth.

    If I'm discriminated against. No reparations can stop me from what I will do to bring the light. See roaches run when you turn the light on. LEMMINGS do too.

    A chair can't stand on three legs.
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    Reparations are just and should be fought for; and while those who fight... we should also continue to progress.

    Racism is a mental disease... let White people and Black Enablers of their Racism deal with it.

    Reparations will not happen until they can heal themselves, and if they never do that is between them and God-as far as I am concerned.

    Further, someone who can come in here and denote a people's suffering into Democratic and Republican ideologies have their own issues to deal with.

    I won't say it.
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    hmmm...well, duh I guess that mens me!?

    In view of the double standards and discrimination that Black business starters and owners face is it a reason to NOT continue the struggle for success?

    And my point in repirations, what happens when they're given and discrimination continues? Arent the reparations a payoff for the years of discrimination and unjust tretament? Reparations won't end discrimination. I get the jist that many feel it would make things right.

    Birth in this country gives one citizenship. Now whether that citizenship entiltles one to double standards is another issue. Who is willing to give up thier US citizenship?

    Yes the ghettos are getting lower and lower but is it a crime for a Black family to move out and raise thier kids in another environment? (hip response is White environment) but isnt a better living and better environment to rasie kids a concearn of Black Americans.

    Doing for ourselves? Give me some time on this one...
    And as you can see Im coming from a viewpoint thats not shared by many of my people and I accept this. And Im not making attacks or anything, Im just asking questions and making observations of things that few Blacks will engage in conversation(especially once they get wind that youre a Bushie, like me :)).