Black Poetry : I Do...

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    I do
    I’ll do more than you can ever ask me to
    I’m not like most, I’m the chosen few
    And for those who don’t have a clue
    Here is a hint…… I do
    And I ain’t going nowhere, I’m stuck like glue
    Like stains from tobacco, the kind you chew
    But one thing I can tell you is that my words are true
    And I’ll bend these words so to you they may woo
    See I’m not afraid to spit it in front of you whole crew
    Cause to me your as fresh as morning dew
    And I have been pinching pennies for a ring as if I was a Jew
    All I can say is girl if you only knew
    And how sometime I wish I could see it from your point of view
    Cause me is telling you this is long over due
    Others may think I’m crazy, gone a little koo koo
    But what they don’t know is that….. I do
    I’ll do whatever I’m required to
    And I’ll do it till I’m black and blue
    I’d walk a mile wearing your shoe
    And all the places I drove and flew
    Can’t hold a candle to beauty the resides in you
    And some guys won’t and they are a fool, cause… I do
    No need to name names you all know who
    But unlike them, I’m standing here on cue
    And I just watch them mad, boiling over like beef stew
    These cats are so transparent, they are dam near see through
    So I just stomp my feet and tell them to shew
    They run and hide in the dark like a bad tattoos
    But as for me… I do
    I’m like Velcro, something you can stick to
    And sometimes my days are like flashes of a deja vue
    See I want to spend my todays and tomorrows showing you your value
    I’d give it my all like going upstream with no paddle in a canoe
    And you would not have to ask cause I would just do
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love you
    And for you…..
    I do…