Black Poetry : I do Drop

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    I do Drop

    Dust fly in satisfaction as I justify my action just too many //
    Bad rhymers and sad two timers out there rhymes spin a plenty //
    Make my rhymes equal all lines legal this stuff blind eagles //
    In renown flight, bark like beagle hounds at night stuff lethal //
    Proceeding with force after taking a speed reading course come //
    With faster words and that’s a disaster for nerds best play dumb //
    Because I be in contact with skills and my facts kill like cadilac //
    Grills so maniacs should chill say what yall crack spills yall act //
    Like you in love with that COCO and gone loco uner the lime light //
    There’s a clear sign that fear is online but I appear to shine bright //
    Some cats don’t rhyme tight has blind sight hey steal what I write //
    Rap’s a hot parade and I’m not afraid but some cats need complex //
    Help and the next step is seeing a doctor and being proper your text //
    Is a lie why you try be me? Have no skills try flow ill and can’t //
    Look I’m gitting statsw and knitting hats like sewing machines //
    Knowing my theme is top of the line like hot wine it steams //
    Look I’m doing very well and carry a bell to ring and wear swell //
    Bling that shine in eyes and blind spies the kind that tries like hell //
    To steal my rhymes just some dumb termites from site to site with //
    Only a appetite to write, must reveal the lame that try steal my swift //
    Fame and name, have to tame the friction and explain my position //
    On a crew of biters that’s not true writers stealing is not a tradition //
    Of HIPHOP, you can’t contend and win against these skills MC’S //
    Get killed by verbs and words that split heads in legit threads them trees //
    Get uprooted and blown down I own the town streets are clean //
    Got complete teams ready to throw down so don’t try to LEAN //
    ON ME like MORGAN FREEMAN I’ll turn school out on yall //
    Fools no doubt to fall on your face